Retractable socket block built into the worktop

Retractable outlet modules are designed for those
- who needs sockets directly on the desktop, and which would always be at hand
- who cares what kind of outlets will have an aesthetic appearance;
- Who cares about the order on your desktop.
Who is interested, please, under the cat ...
I once caught my eye on a video about Legrand retractable outlet blocks:
Legrand - Pop-up boxes

Impressed by what I saw, I wanted to certainly put the same miracle on my desktop.
To begin with, I decided to find out how much the original Legrand solution costs.
The cost of the unit without outlet modules turned out to be 5044 rubles ($ 86 as of 01.03.2017) link to the store
Taking this price tag as a starting point, I decided to look for similar offers on Aliexpress.
After searching for the keywords “floor box” and filtering out obviously flimsy decisions, he stopped at the seller Generalized Technology Co., Ltd.
The seller was sociable, but stupid.
In particular, I asked about the compatibility of outlet modules with modules Legrand mosaic (at first glance they are similar). The seller replied that he did not know what Legrand Mosaic was.
I also asked him a question about themcustomized the socket module by replacing two USB sockets (without a power supply) instead of one AC-EU socket. The seller calculated that such an order would cost $ 10 more.
Sending it mentally to hell, I ordered a regular module.
The package arrived in 3 weeks.
Postal Service: China Post Registered Air Mail
It was tracked promptly until delivery.
The socket module was packed in an ordinary little bubble and placed on top of it in a cardboard box (pictures are in the product description). The weight of the parcel is slightly more than 1 kilogram.

Package Content:
- installation box (fastened at the bottom of the countertop, a power cable is inserted through it),
- a plastic cover (it is not clear why),
- screws securing the socket to the box (long and short),
- Directly the socket block on two EU-plug sockets.

In appearance, the socket looks very brutal - everything is so metallic, weighty, shiny, thick-walled. The electrical part is additionally covered from below by a rigid transparent film-curtain.

The dimensions of the front part of the block protruding above the table are 14.5 × 14.5 cm (erroneous dimensions 12 × 12 are indicated in the description). Closed height 8 mm.

With interest, I disassembled the module into the main components.

Contacts look reliable. All in heat shrink. The wires are quite thick. In the product description, it is indicated that the outlet passes 13A (most likely, the wire is 2.5 squares).

Inside is the bar that holdsbutton mechanism. So, the bar turned out to be imperfectly smooth ... Most likely because of this, when closed, a slight lifting of the lid from the front left is visible.

To install the outlet will have to be cut intocountertop hole. An electric jigsaw is best suited for this procedure (do not judge strictly for the quality of work - I used such a tool for the first time in my life).

The bottom outlet is pressed by the mounting box (it is steel). From above, the front part is pressed against the countertop with screws.

Along the perimeter of the invoice part is presentfoamed PVC gasket. The sealing test of the front of the outlet block was successful. The level of the puddle spilled on the table before it reaches the slots of the opening button is 4mm. Well, and from all kinds of small splashes, as we see, the socket is structurally protected. It seems to me that the degree of protection of this unit is at least IP54.
Unfortunately, unlike the originalLegrand solution shown in the video at the beginning of the review, this outlet opens abruptly and with a crash (most likely, the problem will be solved by installing additional dampers). And you can’t press the button with one finger - you must first press the lid, and only then the button is easily pressed.
Animated open state closed GIF:

1. It copes with the main purpose perfectly - hidden sockets are now always at hand;
2. Reliable wires that allow you to connect a relatively powerful load;
3. The thickness of the metal hints that it will be very difficult to break this device;
4. The general impression of a reliable device (a feeling that it will easily outlast me);
1. The cover in the left front corner is uneven;
2. Lack of smoothness when opening and closing the outlet block;
As a result, the pros outweighed the cons. The thing is really useful. I did not regret the money spent at all.
The real scenario for using the outlet:

And finally, the video how it opens and closes (with two hands, one hand):

Thank you all for your attention.