Yatour - a digital USB changer for the head unit: a review of Yatur and installation instructions for digital music changer

In today's review, we will focus on auto sound. Everyone probably knows how to install huge speakers in the trunk, but how to teach the head unit to read flash drives, memory cards and a playlist from your smartphone or player, you will learn in this review.
I am the owner of a 2004 Audi A4 car with the Audiconcert head unit installed. Together with the radio, 2 speakers are installed infront doors plus tweeters, two speakers in the rear doors and a regular subwoofer in the trunk. How it all sounds is quite fine with me. Moreover, it is possible to play CD discs and you can connect a CD changer. Just to read mp3, the head unit is not able to, and storing 12 songs on one disc in 2017 is somehow not at all cool. And it’s just not convenient. Let's fix it.
Here is a Utor digital CD changer. The principle of its operation is no different from a regular SD changer only instead of CD drives, you can use a USB flash drive, memory card or aux.

The device comes in a cardboard box.

Included is a device module, instructions in English, AUKSA cord, and two cables for connecting to the head unit of the radio.

In some cases, such as mine, for connection, additional chips of different pinouts may be needed. This is a 20-pin chip for connecting a standard Audi radio. I bought separately.

The device module itself is not heavy andthe size. It fits easily in the palm of your hand. On the front are slots for flash drives, memory cards and aux. The device supports two formats mp3 and WMA, simultaneous playback from multiple media is not supported.
According to the manufacturer, the installation takes no more than 10 minutes, and to play the tracks you need to prepare the media in advance by creating folders on it with names of type CD1, CD2, CD3 up to 10.
For installation, we need special keys to remove the head unit, and a Phillips screwdriver. Keys are not included, bought separately.

I did not describe the installation process, but recorded a visual video, I hope it will be useful for those who have Audi.

I suggest going through the pros and cons of this device.
Of the clear advantages

  • the device is suitable for more than 20 brands of cars the difference is only in chips and pins
  • compact, can be placed in consoles or glove compartment
  • quick and easy installation
  • the appearance of the cabin does not spoil, no collective farm
  • it remains possible to adjust the volume on the steering wheel since the radio receiver perceives Utor as a regular SD changer
  • reasonable price in comparison with the simplest 2 dyne radio tape recorder

Of the minuses

  • keys for removing the head unit are not included
  • if your model has an additional feature, as in my case we buy it separately, it costs about 10-15% of the cost of the device itself.
  • if we play through AUX, for example, a playlist of a smartphone or player, then the switching of tracks will occur from the media and not from the radio

Well, today we met anothercool device, I hope my review was useful for you who liked it, put a plus, comment. Thank you for reading to the end. With you was Roman, see you soon, all the best, bye!