Funny stickers for decor switches. Mini review.

Good day. Today, my mini-review is devoted to such an unusual and pleasant little thing as stickers on switches.
Scientists have long proved that even ancient tribes sought to create coziness in their home. And this at a time when they hunted mammoths and did not know what electricity is. And even modern residents even put theirthe primary task is to create real home comfort. Everyone wants to return home with pleasure, where such a spiritual atmosphere reigns that they do not want to part with at all.
Wandering around the expanses of Aliexpress led me to such an interesting thing, bringing a piece of comfort to the house.
The agony of choice was quickly overcome, the order for "trial" was issued and received within a month (the seller fiddled with sending about a week).
The stickers came in a simple package by Estonian post (month, Karl)))

The labels are made at a high level, the print is bright, the substrate is dense, nothing was wrinkled during delivery and was not damaged.

Stickers are glued to a clean dust-free surface; tweezers can be used for convenience. If something goes wrong, then the sticker can be freely peeled off without damaging the application surface.
My assistants in this matter were children, whose desire to bring their share in the process was irresistible.

As a result, each time the light is turned on and off, it causes a pleasant sensation and pleases the eye.
Stickers can decorate bright children's furniture and a child’s workplace.

Hurry up for gifts, it's time to create a New Year mood for yourself and your loved ones. All with the coming!