Pigtail Spinner X Press (more like a mixer)

Braid, the dream of any long-hairedgirls! I inserted the strands into the holders, pressed the button and you're done! Oh, how long in my childhood I tried to invent such a thing, which you’re running through your hair like this and the pigtail is ready ... My wife found on the Internet some Russian site offering to buy such a tool from them (she said that they told about it at work), I I found it on Ali, three times cheaper and, happy that I managed to save money, I placed an order without even going into details.

Well, in vain. It was necessary to at least see the principle of work. Indeed, in my understanding, a pigtail is a strand of hair braided by a brook, and not stupidly twisted into a bundle.
As you might have guessed, this is some kind of divorce for housewives, I haven’t seen this for a long time най Even I liked the Niser-Dyser from “seen on TV” and even “Butterfly for training the press” more than that.
The quality of the goods is worse than that of the cheapest toymy son. No ergonomics for you here - I barely barely opened the battery compartment. The clamps that should hold the hair require a bit to change shape - two out of four almost do not hold the hair.
And now about how it works. Four pins with holders, they need to insert from two to four strands of hair. In fact, this is pointless, you can do with one strand, the result will be the same.

On the case there is a toggle button for two modes: press up - it twists the pins around its axis. You press down - this whole head is spinning around its own, along with all the pins. Apparently, these two modes when weaving need to somehow alternate between each other. But nothing good comes out anyway, watch the video. (I apologize for the verticality of the video)

The result of the work, of course, could be fixed with an elastic band, but I deeply doubt something that this will change something:

In the photo it looks like this:

But my son liked this humming mixer! True, I had to replace the batteries in it with those that are weaker, so that the buzzing is not so loud
Taking this opportunity, I want to warn Muscovites from the new fun of Chinese sellers for me - sending goods through "rupost" (here is their site to track packages). The fact is that the smartphone walked through them for a month and on October 20 it tracked in Zabaykalsk. I was already glad that I would have the phone soon, but a week, two, a month passed ... and nothing else changes. I wrote a letter of support and at the same time to the seller, after which, after two days, the last line in the tracking (where it was October 20) changed to November 20, and everything else remained the same. Some kind of miracle ... Do you think that if I open a dispute, will someone believe me?