Women's sports jacket unknown to me by the Chinese manufacturer Rax. Full description

Hello to all. Ready to share my impressions of buying a Chinese jacket for outdoor activities.
Spring season has begun in company storessportswear and shoes. And I, in search of suitable clothes for bike rides and active walks with an active child in changeable spring weather, decided to dress up. I find sportswear comfortable and practical forthese goals. But, as expected, the prices for new collections are above the allotted budget to equip me with sports. I was upset that I had not prepared in advance for this season. Indeed, in most cases, trying to save the family budget, I try to update the wardrobe at sales.
You can’t keep up with fashion, and the size is already, like, fixed

From hopelessness, in search of "cheaper", I had topeek into Chinese online stores. Chinese sellers have a choice, but the clothes of their branded brands are priced at European prices. However, for the attentive, Chinese winter is our offseason. Therefore, it was decided to choose "spring clothes" in the Chinese "winter collections". And here it all grew together! I placed an order - I bought a winter jacket, as its seller positions it, for stocks out of season, for wear in the spring and autumn. And not lost!
Looking ahead, I want to note that the jacket is insanely cute, comfortable and solid, and also: the quality of this sports thing is high in comparison with eminent brands.
Packing and unpacking
The package arrived very quickly in a regular mail package. The jacket wrinkled a bit during transportation. The weighting package.
There was no unpleasant odor.
First impressions
They turned around and smiled pleasantly: the color is bright, saturated, quality, no worse than European clothes. The material is pleasant to the touch. Sewing perfect: stitches, the model is successful, does not pull, does not mow, all the locks are working and there are enough troubles.
As usual, there is an alarm when turning Chinese clothes so that a slip with a size does not come out. This time I ordered size S: “If it turns out to be too small, my daughter will do,” I thought.
I tried on myself, the first. Impressions: comfortable, free, does not constrain movements, the length is good, just in the shoulders. But on a child, 158cm tall, generally perfect.
The color in my photos does not match the real one, the color is the same as in the seller’s photo.

The jacket is a 2-in-1 product: directly a jacket and a fleece blouse with a zipper, in the form of a heater.
The jacket has a light fitted fit.
The seller’s website has a size chart. We chose it.

Here are my parameters: height - 165cm, exhaust gas - 84cm, OT - 60cm, OB - 89cm.
The parameters of my figure correspond to the size of M, butafter altering the Chinese coat, ordered earlier, I suddenly wanted to play it safe, not bothering with alterations later, so it was decided to order size S: I’ll be too small, my daughter, 158cm tall, will be happy. But in the end: centimeters of the next size, which I was afraid of, would still not be superfluous for me. In general, it’s not bad for me, but perfect for my daughter.
The color of the main jacket is very bright, pink with burgundy accents, there are gray details. Colors are harmoniously combined.
The fabric composition of the main jacket indicated on the tag is 100% croco б
Here, with the translation of the photo google.translate - 100 polyester fiber.
Combined fabric: top layer - with water-repellent impregnation, from the inside - mesh, there are synthetic inserts on the collar, pockets - fleece.
The main material of the jacket is presented aswater repellent. It was not possible to check under heavy rain, we tested it in the forest under drizzling rain and at home: the material did not absorb water, the droplets remained on the surface.
As for functional troubles: standardly, they are not inferior to the same "Europeans": 2 external deep pockets, 1 chest, flat, rather suitable for plastic cards. The breast pocket is trimmed with a rubber cuff, it looks impressive. On the sleeves in the wrist area there is an elastic band and Velcro for adjusting the size and tight fastening, under the armpits - on the two zippers - a ventilation hole, one lock with a drawstring and a rubber suspension on it, it is convenient to feel during movement, for example, and unfasten on the go. Jacket on a plastic two-locking (unfastens above and below) zipper "tractor". On one of the locks, as well as on the zippers of the pockets of the pockets, there is a cord with a rubber tip, of course, marked with the Rax logo.

The zipper is hidden under the strap with Velcro and is supplemented by buttons on the collar and at the base of the zipper. The buttons are branded with the words "rax".
In the area of ​​the chin, a pocket for the castle is thought outlightning, i.e. the castle doesn’t touch the chin, it’s about me, I don’t like it when any cold metal part touches the body in cold weather, brrr.
I want to pay special attention to the hood andthe collar. The hood comes unfastened, a thin zipper connecting it to the collar is only 15cm, it is hidden in a hidden section with Velcro. To adjust the size of the hood by the volume of the head, there are elastic bands along the edge of the hood and in the region of the crown area there is a clip tightening the elastic to fit the size of the head. The hood is deep enough with a small visor. The hood does not fasten on the neck near the chin, the model is so cut that the edges of the hood are hidden in special secret pockets near the chin and are fixed with Velcro. Very convenient, in my opinion, solution. The collar is tall enough to protect from wind, it is sewn with a fleece soft fabric from the inside in the chin and occipital region.

As for the inside of the jacket: bright green details immediately catch your eye in the form of a company tag, a ribbon stitched at the waist but not bearing any functional feature, of course, a fabric tag with the image of the main advantages of this product: moisture resistance, breathability and thermal regulation. There are standardly 2 pockets here: on the left - with a zipper, on the right - a sewn pocket - mesh; eyelet-hanger, and under the eyelet - a braid with a bright green button for fixing an additional blouse. On the bottom edge of the jacket there is a volume regulator in the form of a rubber band with 2 clips. On the sleeves, at the wrist, there are loops with buttons for fixing the sleeves of the jogging jacket.
From the inside, the product is also soundly, high-quality sewn and looks great.

All zippers, metal and plastic, have a smooth ride, are carefully sewn in, evenly, without sticking threads.
The emphasis on the brand is on the entire surface of the jacket: on the chest and hood, on the sleeve, inside the jacket, on buttons, locks ... but everything is very neat and unobtrusive!
Now I will try to describe the blouse. The material is very soft and pleasant to the touch, pure synthetics, the so-called fleece. I think this material is good for sports and various types of outdoor activities, it has the ability to retain heat well. Jacket has a relatively low weight.
Color ideally follows the color of the upper jacket. Jacket is very bright.
Jacket with a zipper, non-lock has a freemovement without fixing, it is two-way, however, the jacket has one front side. The edges of the zipper are hidden and sewn by waybill with a soft tape. The height of the collar is optimal, the collar is sewn with a soft cotton tape with company designations. There is a loop on the front side in the neck to fix the sweatshirts to the jacket. Below the loop is a machine embroidery of the company logo. On the bottom edge of the sweatshirt - volume control in the form of a rubber band with clips. Sleeves on a wide elastic band. 2 deep pockets with plastic zippers, locks with laces with pendants.
From the inside - everything is neat, the seams are processed, nopuffs and curved seams, there are 2 tight sewn pockets. On the back of the head is a company label with the company logo and product size. A product care reminder is sewn.
The jacket is completely independent of the jacket, very bright, pleasant to the body, warm and high-quality, a detail of a sports wardrobe.
The camera did not want to convey the real color of the product, the jacket is saturated pink.

Jacket and liner measurements
Sleeve length - 58.5 cm;
The distance under the armpits is 52 cm;
On the bottom edge of the jacket - 50 cm;
On the shoulders - 42 cm;
Back length - 66 cm.
Sleeve length - 59 cm;
The distance under the armpits is 51 cm;
On the bottom edge of the jacket - 49 cm;
On the shoulders - 37 cm;
Back length - 60 cm.
As a result, I speak boldly and bluntly - a jacketI recommend to buy: according to the size grid, it is fully consistent with the declared sizes, fits well in the figure, the jacket looks spectacular live and repeats the seller’s photo. The color is interesting and noticeable. A solid Chinese thing, no worse in quality of famous brands. Material, model, tailoring and functionality - everything characterizes her as sportswear. You can’t call it stylish and you can’t characterize it as urban-style clothes, but for outdoor activities - that’s it. Clothing with a targeted focus on the outdoor: top material - with a water-repellent coating, a breathing membrane to protect it from water and wind, and closer to the body - an independent jacket made of soft fleece.
In a walk through the spring snow forest under the drizzling rain at + 3C I felt very comfortable in this jacket. Warm and comfortable. The fabric is not wet.
Additional photos

The jacket was bought for an active pastime onoutdoors, driving a bicycle (I’m just an amateur, do not offer specialized clothing!) and hiking. I am satisfied with the purchase, and the jacket fully meets my requirements: practical, comfortable, bright.
And even with so many flashy emblems andbrand logos of an unknown Chinese company, I would not be ashamed in this jacket to go to the brand section of the same arrogant adidas, nike, columbia with their, damn, space prices.
The thing looks, in my opinion, great.
In general, I can’t wait, I can’t wait for the warming and opening of the bike season. We drive fashionable and sports!
- 2 in 1, a fleece blouse can be worn with pleasure, as an independent thing
- Bright, noticeable coloring
- Water repellent, with thermoregulation
- Convenient
- Lucky cut
- High-quality tailoring
- 100% consistent with the description of the seller, and in size and functional moments
- The daughter, 158cm tall and 40kg tall, is ideal in this size - S; me, 165cm tall and 52kg in weight, I think M size fit better.
- Positioned as a winter thing, do not agree
- The price without a discount is quite adequate for such a thing, but not everyone will risk buying a Chinese brand not promoted in the CIS for such money
P.S. I regret one thing: I did not dare to order panties complete with a jacket. The seller seduced, provided a coupon for a second purchase of $ 30, from greed ordered a sneaker. Because I liked the jacket, I will try to negotiate a discount on pants. The seller turned out to be accommodating.
And about sneakers, probably, I will also do a review soon.