Women's Print Leggings, Leggings, Leggings

Hello. Today we will talk about leggings, which have a theme similar to my previous review.
I have a bunch of leggings, I love this type of clothing and that's it. It is convenient, youthful, and even a huge selection and variety of such a product, which is always filled with new models with different prints.
And sometimes I see a print that I just can’t resist ... and when I saw the Potter theme as well, I was really eager to get them !!!)))
On the topic of Harry Potter, I just can not help but throw this wonderful artist with "Ukraine May Talent 5". Always, when I listen to him, already goosebumps. The song begins with 2 minutes).

From the experience of my purchases, I can say that these leggings are divided into two types:
1. The price of which is often over $ 10 - high-quality, dense.
2. the price of which is from about $ 3 to $ 8-10 - the quality is cheaper, shine through, but are perfect for tunics and long T-shirts / t-shirts; The quality of the material and the print is different.
Depending on what clothes you are going to wear leggings with, draw a conclusion about the price. This time I chose cheaper. And besides, in the summer I want to wear thinner things.
Size Having selected the seller, I proceeded to the choice of size. Based on the size chart, XS was selected:
ankle - 21cm
waist - 70cm
hips - 92cm
length - 92cm.
It is useless to take measurements of leggings, as this is the kind of clothing that stretches well.
On my OT - 64cm, OB - 90cm - came up.
The only mismatch is the length. In fact, there is 83cm, but my height is 158cm and I just have leggings. The taller girls will be short.
Appearance. Gum is located on top. Landing high, to my belly button.

The pattern does not match at the seams. But I bought leggings to wear under long T-shirts, etc., so that's okay. Considering the price, I'm not upset at all.
Front and back, the pattern is different.

On the ankle 21cm sit well. They do not tightly fit, but they do not hang either.


Inside viewNothing remarkable. The seams are whole. The print is visible through and through.

There are no tags inside, so where in front and where in the back, you have to decide for yourself. The size I ordered was indicated on the bag in which the leggings came.
About the wash. The print is water resistant, leggings wash without problems, dry quickly.
I wear them with long T-shirts and t-shirts. I don’t like tunics, so I didn’t combine tunics with this type of wardrobe. Naturally, a mandatory attribute of my image is a pendant.

That's all. If you have questions, I will be happy to answer.
Thank you for watching.