Women's moccasins made of genuine leather?

Moccasins were chosen by the spouse. I liked them too. In the photo on the seller’s page they look really very nice and interesting.
What ultimately happened, look under the cut))
This is the third and last pair of shoes from the package. The package went almost 40 days. Three pairs were ordered. Everything came in an ordinary plastic bag, without boxes. Shoes crumpled a little along the way, which is noticeable in the photo.
For the Russian wife size 39, 25.5 cm, the length of the foot was ordered on the recommendation of the seller 9. The size came up.
On the seller’s page, the material is declared as Genuine Leather)) I do not know how true this is. The material is really similar - very soft and slightly stretched.
Laces are by and large decorative.
The loafers themselves are quite light.
There was a slight specific odor from the bag. For a couple of days on the balcony weathered.

Insole made of some soft and porous material

The sole is rubber, soft, bends well. There is a small heel

Inside material

On the foot

Conclusions and impressions
Workmanship is not bad. The seams are even. In some places glue is visible. According to his wife, moccasins are comfortable. They sit well on the leg. It’s a little hard to put on your foot in the area of ​​the lift.
Wife liked the shoes.