Women's top green color

Good day forum users. Today I want to tell you about the female top in light green color.
Furrowing the open spaces of aliexpress, a picture flashed with this top and he liked the mother-in-law (she watched my actions!).
Opened, looked, read and decided to order.
The mother-in-law is quite miniature and it is obvious that the size was small. On the seller’s page, the size chart is very strange, and mindful of the small size of Chinese sizes, we stopped at XL.
And here my husband was also very opportunely lying about a $ 5 discount coupon from $ 6, so the order was not in doubt.
P.S. I indicate p. 18, because the top actually went for a penny, but I’m doing a review purely for you!
However, a surprise was waiting for us upon arrival) but more on that later ...
The top arrived in a plastic bag with a dimensional sticker.

The quality of the product itself did not causecomplaints - everything is stitched with high quality, the threads do not stick out. The material stretches well, sleeves with slits, or as indicated on the product page “Batwing Hose”.

There is nothing special to paint here, below will be a series of photos with sizes:
Width at the waist - 40 cm.
The width in the armpit area is 72 cm.
Width around shoulders - 85 cm.
Length - 67 cm.
The width of the sleeve in the shoulder area is 22 cm.
Gate width - 25 cm.

Well, now the photo on the body and the promised surprise - the top turned out to be very large on the standard size 46 mother-in-law) Sits like a hoodie!

That’s basically it. The quality of the goods is good, with a coupon even better, but if you guessed correctly with the size, then it would be generally gorgeous.
But the benefit among relatives is also larger representatives - try on them if possible.