Dental floss

Hello! After the next ball of Oral-B floss ended, and having examined the assortment and prices of 250-350 rubles per 30 meters of floss, I decided to find information on redlightgreen, was surprised because I did not find what I was looking for.
After searching Ali, an interesting option was found, namely, an offer to buy dental floss without a case. After reviewing the reviews, one of which mentioned that the Oral-B case is perfect, I paid for the purchase.
The track was tracked all the way. After 27 days from payment I received a standard yellow bag with an internal little bubble.

Inside 10 balls of dental floss, each is packed in an individual bag.

The thread itself is wound on a small hollow tube, similar to that remaining in Oral-B.
Opening Oral-B, we easily insert the finished skein, and we get 50 meters of acceptable dental floss, of good quality, with a very pleasant mint smell. Personally, I did not notice any differences from the original

At the time of purchase, the cost was slightly lower, about413 rubles, 41 rubles per package. The seller claims a length of 50 meters. I have not tested it, but I think 10 packs will last for several years. For storage, I chose the door shelf of the refrigerator.
Added a photo of the thread on the ruler and a photo after use