An analogue of the magnetic holder STEELIE in the car in Chinese :)

Got a new magnetic holder in the car
A year ago I ordered a similar accessory, actually here is the photo:

I bought it in the hope that it would hold an 8 ”tablet, but alas. Although it copes with its task for the phone with a bang.
And here is the attempt number two, a little largerimproved magnet design, namely the hole in the magnet is made by a cone, thereby increasing the contact surface with the ball. In addition, there is a rubber ring on the back of the magnet so that the plate glued to the gadget does not slide on the magnet. Well, the ball itself and the magnet are 1.5 times more than the previous instance. The diameter of the magnet is ~ 3.2 cm. (For the old 2.2 cm)
The seller sends the package trackless,in 19 days. Holder without packaging, set: towel for degreasing, two 3M tapes for prosafe, a disk for a sticker on the device already with 3M tape, well, the holder itself with a magnet, also with a glued tape.
My tablet weighs 350g. The holder holds remarkably, the angle you set does not change, and it does not slip and does not fall off on bumps

Nothing more to describe actually
A little photo: