Anti-glare sun visor in the car.

Hello. Now sometimes I order not only for myself some things, but also for friends. And so one friend who had previously ordered a waterproof razor asked to order an anti-glare sun visor in the car. I don’t know why he didn’t like the regular one, but ordered the monitored goods.
In the seller’s lot description, the delivery method is indicatedlike Seller’s shipping method, which means shipping by the cheapest post. After placing the order, the seller gave the track number, which consisted only of numbers. I did not take a steam bath, the weeks of waiting for the parcel went. As a result, the package arrived in 27 days.
It was sent in the usual gray packet withoutpimples. I don’t know why, but this is my second consecutive parcel, which is opened by customs, probably already breathing unevenly towards me. Although they can also be understood: such a healthy box arrived and in CN22 it costs only $ 2 and even the inscription Night vision on the box.

The box itself was wrapped in a layer of foam backing.

They played football with a box, got crumpled pretty. I hope inside the whole.

On the back of the box there are pictures with and without a visor in various weathers.

Yes, fortunately, everything was inside. The visor is 2 plates, which are fixed in a plastic clip. Both plates are covered with a transport film on both sides.

The yellow plate is for night time, and the gray is for daytime.

Everything is made of plastic, the clip is fixed to the plates only with small screws. Honestly, I was afraid to turn the plates: I did not want to break anything))

A little for clarity as the picture goes through these plates.

There was not enough time to evaluate this product of Chinese industry in action, so I put a flashlight behind the plate and compared the picture.

Installed visor example

As you can see, the plate actually helps out. But I would probably better use glasses for these purposes, I think it would be much more convenient. The product is completely made of plastic, so it does not cause me much confidence. I think most of the people buy it because of the exposure of the telemarket with its advertising. The owner is pleased with the visor and this is important. Do you use such a visor?
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