Car covers, full set, with Aliexpress.

A person always wants to change something. Before the coming winter, it was decided to replace the covers in your favorite car with warm fur. I did not find reviews on this site, who cares, I ask under cat. A general resume is worth taking.
Photo covers
Bag with cases. 650 * 550 * 250mm.

The rear.
Natural long fur.
Short artificial.
In addition: a scaffold, a flypaper pad, an overlay for a wheel-isk.mek, mycofiber.
By place, before.


Covers went a little more than a month. The seller in the message specified the color-gray. A track was given, but before crossing the Chinese border, the seller issued another. When ordering, I made a mistake — I didn’t indicate the type of car, or rather, the size of the rear seats and the cover necessary for them, they are in my car with folding backs of different widths. The kit came to the sedan, with a solid back and bottom. It will be a little uncomfortable or will have to be finalized to the desired form. There were also no holes for the seat belt locks, I finished it in place.
According to the tactile sensations, it’s magco, warm, comfortable. Installation took 15 minutes. In the photo in the car, the fur HAS NOT DECIDED ONE MORE, IMMEDIATELY FROM PACKING. Thanks for your attention.