Wireless optical mouse

I decided to order a new one after two years of using another Chinese mouse.
Glance fell on this model. From my previous one, it differed only in form.
The shape of the mouse is quite comfortable for a small brush.
It is powered by 1 AA. Good sensitivity, adjustable DPI.
Gently press the side buttons.
There is a slight drawback, when you turn the mouse wheel, you rest against the right button (pressure pad), it is slightly sharp, you will need to wipe it with sandpaper.
Even for a short idle time of ~ 5 min, the power turns off. Well, there is also a power switch.
The main feature, in the absence of a radio module in the PC, the mouse immediately turns off the power, even if you click it. It follows from this, if you turn off the PC, the mouse will turn off by itself.

After a day of work, I decided to open it, see what's inside.

And then there was a little surprise.

The photo shows the lack of development of the design.
I had to bite (it was not I who was biting, apparently the seller) that part of the fastening of the right mouse pressure pad so that the right button would not sink.
Review small, happy with the purchase