Lenovo Wireless Touchpad or “Looking for a Quiet Mouse”.

In search of an inexpensive silent mouse for working at night on a PC, Lenovo's multi-touchpad was found.
Very confused by the price.
But everything works as it should.
Black, alas, is over, but white is not critical.
Mat size 13 * 13cm
Working field 12.5 * 12mm (W * H)
There are two physical buttons L and R (correspond to mouse buttons).
on / off switch on the top
when turned on, the LED for a few seconds lights up in the upper right corner of the working field. and then it goes out, the light does not show itself any more.
on the manufacturer’s website indicated:
Electrical Specifications: Interface: USB 2.0
Wireless technology: two-way 2.4GHz wireless frequency
Input voltage: 3V DC
Power supply: two AA batteries
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8 and above
Touch support: support 5-point gesture touch Physical Specifications:
Approximate length: 130mm
Approximate width: 128mm
Approximate height: 23mm
Approximate weight: 0.192kg
Microsoft Windows 8 and above (there is no way to check on other systems)
Under Win8 it is defined as a normal mouse:
device Manager

box, half the manual, the transmitter and the touchpad itself.
By tradition, Aliexpress does not invest batteries. (2 * AA)
Ordered with delivery by Russia Express-SPSR service - it reached Moscow in 8 days, just in time for the New Year holidays.
Touchpad Photos

Everyone already knows keyboards with a mouse replacement area - touchpad panel
, or Touchpads on laptops.

The same device is unique in that it does not have a keyboard and it does not need to be moved around the keyboard table with the area replacing the mouse - the touchpad panel.

And the main thing for me is the quality - silent pressing of the left and right mouse buttons (by touching the active area with one or two fingers, respectively)
The movement with one finger on the working surface corresponds to the movement of the mouse on the table - the cursor moves across the screen.
A single touch corresponds to the left mouse button, a touch with two fingers - to the right.
The lower part of the working surface is divided into 2 buttons:
L is the left button, R is the right mouse button.
You can use them, but clicking on them is accompanied by a characteristic sound (click).
Needed to select a screen area with a rectangle with the L key pressed.
The device was purchased as a silent mouse replacement,for this reason, the additional features of multi-touch on the rug came as a pleasant bonus, but I don’t think that my grandmother will actively use them:
Scaling the screen with a pinch;
swipe applications to access the desktop;
five fingers volume control;
in detail with the diagrams everything is described in the manual:

and in the documentation I adapted:

* - flips through the applications in turn, priority for applications adapted for Windows interface (Metro-applications).
Those. if several Metro applications and several ordinary ones are open, then flips through all Metro and the last used regular application;
** - equivalent (in Win8) to moving the mouse to the upper right corner of the screen to open the widget;
win8 widget

*** - feature of movement - if moving on the mat with 3 fingers DOWN causes the page to scroll down to the height of the screen (Page Down) on the monitor screen,
then a similar (in direction) movement with 2 fingers DOWN will lead to a page shift up (as I understand the shift a la iMAC).
For me, it would be more customary to shift as on a mouse wheel - turning on itself (down) the screen creeps up.
There is a drawback:
- when scrolling the page with two compressed fingers moving up the mat - scrolling on the page occurs on 14 lines
- moving down the rug - scroll through the page by 5 lines;
not very convenient (my mouse wheel rotation is set to 5 line scroll)
As a bonus, there was some kind of scarf in the bag (I didn’t order it), which was not soldered — not identified by me.