Budget 2DIN radio with GPS on Android 4.4 (model RK-A701)

Hello dear Muscovites. Another small review of an inexpensive 2DIN GPS radio on Android (model RK-A701) Before that I bought a radio on WinCE (here’s a review on it), but after phones and tablets on Android, WinCE seemed ancient and I “waved without looking at this”.
What I got in return, read below.
At the time of the order, the seller’s price was 114USD with a coupon for 5 bucks, the price was 109USd (which is 6870 rubles in rubles, at that time the dollar was about 63 rubles)
By the way, on ebay there is a seller 4seasonstores he now has the price of this radio tape recorder about 7300rub.
After payment, the seller froze for 5 days, but then he gave the track number and again the mail of Mongolia. This time I was ready for a long wait, but the package briskly reached me in less than a month.
An exciting moment of unpacking, as the goods are allStill relatively fragile (I mean the touch). The seller didn’t bother with the packaging much, pushed the box with the radio tape recorder into a cardboard box and sent it, additionally did not seal anything (though I forgot to ask him about it) But everything went without damage. The package weight is 1.385 kg, the weight of the radio tape recorder is 965 grams only. In this model there is no CD / DVD drive, hence such a small weight.
Here is a photo

Included with the radio is a power connector withwires, GPS antenna of the receiver with a magnet, instructions (it turned out from another radio on the android - the appearance is the same just the GPS button on the front panel)

I had to buy ISO connectors for the cable and make such an adapter.

Description from seller’s site

There are not many controls on the front panel, or rather, THREE.
Home Button
Button -Back
and Volume control - short press MUTE mode, long press turn off the radio but incomplete (the sound turns off and the screen goes blank), when you press it again, the sound and screen turn on.
Also on the front panel is an AUX audio input, 2 microSD card slots (TF and MAP) and a USB connector.
After applying power to the radio on the screen throughFor a few seconds, a message appears stating that you don’t need to watch the video while driving (I think it will be possible to remove it in the future) and after 25 seconds the desktop appears.

Here are photos of desktop icons and menu items
Android stripped down - there are not many points which are in the tablet or phone
namely - there is no point-mobile networks
there is no bluetooth item (there is only a phone connection and bluetooth music)

By bluetooth, you can only connect a phone, the bluetooth OBDII adapter is not supported, but you can connect a WiFi OBD2 adapter.
Wi-Fi is perfectly accepted even on the street from a home router from the 3rd floor.
(speed up to 40Mbps)
I connected the USB-LAN adapter to the USB jack and it was detected in the Ethernet item IPs - and the Internet appeared on the device, though the speed is only 3-5 Mbit (but this is due to the adapter)
According to the instructions from the Internet, I tried to connect a 3G modem E1550
A 3G icon appears at the top but there was no internet.
I read in nete that you first need to put the modem in "only modem" mode, get the root, then install the pppWidget program.
Did the root tried all versions of the ppp widget 1,2,3. the Internet did not start
I haven’t tried it anymore, I'll try it later.
The sound is normal, but something is missing - installed TDA7388 I will change to 7560.
Radio operation is no different from regular radio
There is a RDS, 3 band FM1,2,3
remembers 6 stations at each
also have AM1 and AM2
Mono stereo switch, LOC search
Here is the information from CPU_Z

By connecting.
Connected a rearview camera-activated by supplying a plus from the reversing lights.
Measured the current consumption with the radio on about 0.8A
after removing the power from the ACC wire, after 20 seconds the current drops to 0.18A, after 2 minutes 10 seconds the standby current is 3.5mA.
Well, and where indiscriminately apparatus
Amplifier built on TDA7388
The screen is marked HSD070PFW3 rev1-C01
according to information on the Internet, resolution 1024x600
Also installed controller STM8S207
photo guts

Installed Navitel 9.6 works smartly, sees 10-12 satellites, connects quickly., Compared to the radio on win-se
Internet catches on wifi while from smart
Yandex traffic jams work
In general, I am completely satisfied.
android 4.4
1GB RAM memory
the availability of GPS in connection with this installation of any navigation programs
working playmarket-the ability to install any application
bluetooth phone connection
bluetooth music transfer
capacitive screen with good sensitivity - 5 finger touch
Internet connection via Wi-Fi and through Internet
playback from flash drives and memory cards music videos of any format
the ability to connect a rear and front view camera (available in the menu)
the ability to connect buttons on the steering wheel (2 wires in the connector, did not check)
the ability to connect a CAN bus (in doubt, there are also 2 wires Can + and Can-)
the ability to connect a USB DVR-there is an item in the menu (did not check, there is none in the presence of this)
bluetooth only for phone
-a long press does not completely turn off the radio
- there is no item in the menu mobile networks for connecting a 3G modem
- there is no bluetooth item in the menu for connecting bluetooth devices (for example obd2)
- there is no memory item in the menu - to correctly extract usb flash drives and microsd cards
If you forgot something, ask, add to the review
Today I tried to connect the E1550 3G modem again
(previously transferred it to the modem only mode)
how to do this on the Internet is written enough)
Before that, he received the root program KingrootV5.0.0_C161_B365
(the only load became longer after rutting)
then tried pppwidget again
first 3 then 2 versions, the modem did not work
installed the first version of PPP + Widget_1.3.6
and the Internet started up
the speed of this modem is certainly not so hot
input up to 2.5Mb
200kb exodus
for traffic jams - and not only
all programs are taken from 4pda
after installing the 3G modem in the USB jack, a message appears that
3G dongle is connected and 3G icon appears on the screen in the upper right
After connecting to the Internet, the Wi-Fi icon appears
(feature of the program - as an indicator of Internet connection, can be disabled in the settings)
In general, there are 3 options for connecting to the Internet radio
"First" - the easiest Wi-Fi
even from a smartphone in access point mode
at least from a router (into which, for example, a 3G modem is inserted)
tested working
“Second” - from a 3g modem inserted into a USB table
(the method and programs for connecting are described above)
tested working
"Third" - through a USB-LAN adapter from a router with a 3G modem
by LAn cable - there is an Ethernet item in the menu
tested working
There is still an option to use a 3G modem, switched to highlink mode - but I do not have such a modem yet
then it will work when Ethernet mode is turned on
replaced the native TDA7388 sound chip with the TDA7560
what can be said
there are improvements
if on the native chip on the ROCK preset
the speakers started to “mutter”
then on this chip this no-bass is softer
I tried to connect a USB 3G modem MF626 -decided in the system and working