Budget smartphone VK2015

I treat anyone with great cautionChinese goods, and a couple of months ago I would never have bought a phone manufactured by a non-top Chinese brand. But over time, everything is known to change. So I, in view of the unexpected need, had to, in a short time, select and purchase an extremely cheap Chinese smartphone on Android’s fifth version.
I think it will be superfluous to talk about the reasons that prompted me to take such a risky step, I will only say that they were and it was impossible to dismiss them.
I know very little about Vkworld. The site reports that it has existed already since 2002 and has developed to such an extent that it has its own production of smartphones, batteries, screens and much more. There is also a mention that the company owns a package of more than a hundred patents. Hard to believe, but such is Chinese marketing.
Vkworld VK2015 is one of the latest models of the company, which it has very few.
Key Features

  • Screen: 4.5 ", 960 × 540, IPS.
  • Chip: MTK6582, 4 cores.
  • CPU: Cortex A53, 1.3GHz
  • GPU: Mali-400MP
  • RAM: 1GB
  • ROM: 8GB
  • Support for memory cards up to: 32GB.
  • Number of SIM Cards: 2.
  • 2G: GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz.
  • 3G: WCDMA 900 / 2100MHz.
  • Number of cameras: 2.
  • Front: 5MP.
  • Back: 8MP.
  • OS: Android 5.0.
  • Battery: 2300mAh
  • Dimensions: 131 × 66.3 × 7.6mm.
  • Weight: 156g.

Packaging and packaging The smartphone is packed in a small white rectangular box made of very hard cardboard. Only the brand name is applied to it, there are no other inscriptions or stickers.
In this box, in addition to the device itself, you can find:

  • Charger power supply (white).
  • MicroUSB cable (also white).
  • Headset (again white).
  • Screen protector.
  • Company case.

A film was already pasted on the screen, not shipping, but normal protective, though it was done so obscene that all these bubbles and dust particles forced to immediately remove it.
I liked the case for its appearance. It is, of course, made of pressed cardboard with a plastic coating, but the coating is interesting. Like 3D. Those. The notches on its surface are made so that it seems as if they are in semitransparent layers of different depths. Looks nice. Another thing is that this case is attached to the smartphone with tape, and I don’t like this solution.

Everything in the case is thin and strictly in size, so the smartphone in it is not much larger than without it.

A headset is just a headset. You can communicate through it, but listening to music is not recommended - the sound is terrible, even for a complete one. Repeatedly met much better.

Design The phone looks extremely simple. There is nothing original in its design and cannot be. $ 86 is not the budget for the manufacturer to be ready for delights, although I, as a consumer, would not mind a more interesting visual solution.

On top of the smartphone are a microUSB jack and a headset jack, on the right there is a volume rocker and a lock button, from the bottom there is only a microphone hole, and the left side is empty.
The back cover has a fairly strong soft touchcoating - in two weeks, the socks simply in the pocket did not get scratched and did not begin to be wiped. For a Chinese soft touch, this is good. I probably missed the color. The version with a white cover looks better in my opinion.

Confused the way to remove the cover from the battery compartment. There are no recesses to pry off, so this process is not simple and potentially dangerous to cover - just pull with all our might or try to push something thin between the case and the cover. Under the hood are two slots for SIM cards (one full-size, the other micro) and a slot for microSD memory cards.

The designations on the touch buttons are not standard, andif the first two special emotions do not cause, then the third (right arrow) is not entirely clear to me. I have such an arrow associated with moving forward, although, as you know, on smartphones with the Android operating system it moves to the previous screen or cancels the action. Here is such a strange Chinese logic.

The volume rocker and the black lock button, I like this more than the color of the metal.

In general, the phone is comfortable in the hand, has a low weight and is not shovel-shaped. I liked him in this regard.
The assembly is decent, there are no crevices and creaks on my copy.
Vkworld Vk2015 could look good if it were not for the squalid inscription on the back. Why do the Chinese always use such awful fonts, and even adore italics?
Screen The screen is bright, almost black in the off state and merges with the frame. It reads well at any angle, the colors do not fade.
Three-point multi-touch.

It reads well in the sun, better than the screen on my Xiaomi Red Rice.

With the stated permission, the manufacturer seems to be cunning. All testers except Antutu determine not promised 960 × 540, but 854 × 480 pixels.
Battery and charger The manufacturer claims that the VK2015 battery has a capacity of 2300mAh. Too much for such a modest size and weight.

Measurements showed that fears were notin vain - 1239mAh is almost half the promise. It is clear that I had to sacrifice the battery capacity in order to minimize the weight and size of the smartphone, but why lie so about the capacity? In practice, this battery lasts for more than a day of the smartphone, with an average load intensity.

European Charger Power Supplywith a fork. The promised one ampere gives out confidently, and the native miniUSB cable passes it to the device. Why these accessories complete with a black phone are white - I’m hard to understand.

Cameras Cameras just are. There is no talk of high-quality images. Even in sunny weather they turn out to be frankly bad. Examples of photos from the main camera:

The front camera is significantly worse. It will do for Skype, but that’s all it’s good for.
Test Results First about Wi-Fi. The screenshot was taken in the room next to the router, the speed is normal.

Other sitical and not very tests.

GPS works decently, expecting the worst. Cold start 40 seconds, after which Vk2015 detects 10 satellites, though it uses only five of them.

There are only three sensors in this smartphone, this is the proximity sensor, light sensor and accelerometer.
Conclusions In general, the smartphone did not upset me. If you do not test it and do not climb inside, then it can even please a user who is unpretentious and limited in means. During use, I did not find any problems in working with it. Everything is smooth, fast and confident. Even the eighth Asphalt does not slow down at low resolution
Although whom am I kidding? Basement basement, and even with deceit. As if he was back in 2008. The second time I would definitely not have taken it, despite the fact that he coped with my tasks perfectly.
I understand that I haven’t written about a lot, but I think that Vk2015 does not deserve more. If you have any questions - ask in the comments, I will try to answer everyone.
Thank you for your attention