On-board computer

Hello to all motorists (and their sympathizers).
Somehow it turned on in my car (consider it wrong,due to a violation of the contact in the connector) ABS fault alarm, almost one $ 2 was requested at the service station for resetting the signal. Honestly, this greatly excited me, and the idea was born to me how to somehow protect myself from this in the future. To whom it became interesting, I ask for a cat.
But an OBD scanner suitable for this purpose also costsnot a penny, and if you do not use it every day, then a legitimate question arises, why? At the same time, I have long wanted to have some kind of on-board computer on board, well, to know the voltage of the network (how is my battery and the generator doing), fuel consumption, etc. And now, just in time, Ali caught the eye of this device, which seems to unite my requests, including detection, decryption of error codes with the ability to erase them. An important motive for the purchase was the seller’s willingness to discount (it was 16%), which is also not unimportant. It is also nice that the model is fresh - 2016.

I will not bore tactical and technicaldimensional and weight data (this is all on the site), I can only say that for such a price and with such functionality you are unlikely to find something like that. The device itself surprised me with its size - a little more than a matchbox, but despite this, on the 220x180 OLED display all the readings are very clearly visible.

In addition, the device has a light sensor (on the rear panel), which changes the brightness of the display, which is especially true when driving at night.

The device is connected with only one cable (flat and rather rigid) to the OBD connector, and is installed on the panel in any convenient place using double-sided tape (included).

For example, I followed the example of my strangercomrade from the open spaces of the Internet with the nickname Xarb1 (for which special thanks to him) and placed the device on the upper casing of the steering column. This method eliminates the need to mount the cable on the dashboard. he immediately goes under the panel.

In the main mode, the screen constantly displaysfour adjustable parameters: (1) large numbers - speed (can be changed to: instantaneous flow rate, average flow rate, odometer, tachometer, coolant temperature or mains voltage); (2, 3) in lower digits lower — the coolant temperature and the voltage of the on-board network (at these positions you can display any of the parameters included in the OBD protocol); (4) the scale below - instant fuel consumption (can be changed to a tachometer).

Management is performed by three-positionjoystick (wheel) combined with a button. Moving the cursor on the menu (up and down) is done by moving the joystick (scrolling) to the right or left, activating the selected one by a short press, returning to the previous position by “long” pressing (about 1 second). This is where the flaw came up: the joystick wheel is recessed into the device’s body in its lower base, and although there is a technological cutout below, it’s not very convenient to operate the device when it is mounted on a horizontal panel.

The device is easily disassembled, 4 screws are unscrewed from the bottom and ... a few photos for fans of hardware giblets

As you can see, there are no big complaints about the installation, which is confirmed by the Chinese certificate of their quality control department

But the quality of the accompanying documentationthere are complaints - the instruction in English is extremely scarce, it shows only the work in the main menu and does not reveal the nuances of working with sub- and sub-sub-items.

Another photo for lovers of software giblets

When you turn on the device for the first time, it takes about a minutediagnosing your car and then the main menu is turned on. After that, for correct operation, it is necessary to establish the engine size and fuel type (see picture 9 of the previous photo).
So, the pros:
1. High-quality packaging, the box is really tough and durable, so that the “pimple” was not needed when shipping.
2. Functionality, including the ability to reset errors in the computer.
3. Convenience of placement and connection (cigarette lighter free)
4. Intuitive controls.
1. Indistinct instruction.
2. When working, some knowledge of English is required.
3. Some inconvenience of using the joystick when fixed on a horizontal surface.
If someone dreams of a good on-board computer with rich functionality and the ability to reset errors in the computer, and a little familiar with English - this is yours. The rest - learn English and you will be happy.