Boscam bos200rc HD 960 * 240 2 ″ TFT FPV 5.8GHz 32CH receiver

I was carried away not so long ago by quadrocopters and in the process of assembling the next copter, it was decided to install a camera, but what should I take a picture for?
I bought an FPV UVC receiver with OTG connection to a smartphone, but this is such a hemorrhoids with a connection, a bunch of wires and a weak signal, I decided to refuse and look for something more comfortable.

Monitor?! You can choose the right size, but it needs a tripod, battery, receiver, a little expensive and too bulky.
Helmet?! Not very convenient, completely covers the review.
Points ?! Yes, I thought and threw it in the basket for the subsequent purchase on 11.11, but at the last moment I was dissuaded from them.
And the search began again ...
And here it is, a miracle of Chinese technology, I thought Boscam bos200rc and threw it in the basket.
The long-awaited "Bachelor's Day) has arrived, coupons have already been prepared in advance =)
And the shopping has begun ...
After 9 days, I already received the parcel, (I managed to slip through and did not get into the mail collapse).

Screen: 2 ”TFT LCD.
Resolution: 960 * 240
Brightness: 450 cd / m2
Contrast Ratio: 500: 1
Antenna: Built-in brass antenna 5.8GHz 3dbi.
Channels: 4 frequency ranges, 32 channels.
Working environment: -10 ~ + 65 ° C degrees.
Power Button: On / Off
CH button: Long press to select ABEF frequencies; short press to select frequency 12345678.
Charge indicator: Red when charging, when the battery is fully charged, the LED turns off.
Channel indicator: Indicates the frequency of reception, for example: E1, corresponds to marks E and 1.
Charging Port: micro USB + 5V (Use only rechargeable)
Battery: Built-in 500mAh lithium battery
Consumption: 320mA 3.7V (max.)
Charging Current: 500mA
Charging time: ~ 90 minutes.
Operating time: ~ 100 minutes.
1 x Boscam bos200rc
1 x USB cable
1 x User Manual
Open the box and see what's inside

Disassembling a similar device
Sun protection frame and firmware for a similar GTeng T909 device.
Due to the fact that the quadric is not yet fully assembled, there is no way to check the range in street conditions.
But compared to the FPV UVC and RC832 receiver, the signal is more stable through two reinforced concrete walls.
There are many reviews on YouTube, for example one of them.
By the way, on the seller’s page, the device is made in a chrome case, but my case is completely black.

- A miniature device, put it on your hand and went, nothing interferes.
- Good reception signal (tested with Eachine TS5828L 600mW transmitter)
- The display is small TFT is not the best option, viewing angles, etc. in the sun, I think it will be difficult to consider the picture.
- microUSB cable is very short and not of the best quality.
- Plastic case, plastic glass, rubber strap to which dust sticks.
- The operating time is less than the declared 78 minutes, which means the battery is less.