Keychain for car alarms StarLine A93 A63

Overview of the key fob for car alarms StarLine A93 A63, ordered from China.
With the onset of frost, I decided on my carreplace the old Sheriff ZX-930 alarm with an auto-start alarm. After reading the reviews and reviews, the choice fell on the StarLine A93 (dialogue code, autostart, range).
In techno point, a car alarm was ordered inStarLine A93 ECO trim levels. The ECO prefix does not mean that it is made by "green" guys, ECO is an economical option (without an additional key fob). The savings are 1200 rubles. compared to the regular version. An additional keychain is a matchbox without feedback and display.

I intentionally bought without a second keychain, then to order an additional keychain from China. The original keychain with feedback costs about 3000 rubles ...
On December 20, I paid for the order, on January 4, the track number began to be tracked, and on January 10 the package was already in my mail.
Compare the original keychain with a keychain from China

A poorly processed plastic is visible at the edges, in addition it is of a different color

The buttons are more recessed when compared with the original.

The quality of the display is consistent with the original, the only thing is that the backlight is much weaker, I think this is not very critical.
An attentive reader will notice errors thataccidentally (intentionally) the Chinese admitted, instead of the inscription "IMMO" - "NMMO", the phone number on the back is incorrect. In addition, there is an inscription with the error “PNN CODE”. Sound signals are louder than on the original.
Let's sort the keychain

Immediately we see the unwashed flux, fallen off quartz, which was fixed on the sealant.

We fix the jambs, wash the flux, process the ends of the body with sandpaper and collect.

We proceed to bind the key fob to the alarm, according to the instructions

It is worth paying attention to the fact that every timeyou need to prescribe all the key rings, this is indicated in the instructions. In addition, you can check how many key fobs are recorded in the alarm - With the ignition on and the doors closed, press key 3 of the key fob. The number of flashes of the status LED will correspond to the number of key fobs recorded in the complex's memory. The linking was successful, all buttons work, autostart and engine shutdown occur without problems.
As for the range (probably the mainwork parameter for many). The range is approximately the same as the original, maybe a little worse. If the signal does not pass on the first attempt, then on the second attempt it will certainly pass (within reason). My car is parked behind several buildings and trees at a distance of about 350-400 meters from my window. The signal from the old Sheriff ZX-930 alarm did not pass, although I considered its range to be large. The Chinese keychain, like the original from StarLine A93, breaks through without problems.
Also been ordered case for $ 1.35, quality is excellent

+ price (1600 rubles. against 3000 rubles. for the original)
+ range
-build quality
-weak backlight
I recommend to buy.