Dog Shaver

The machine is easy to operate, it will figure out what's what and the child (just 1 button).
After the machine, half a millimeter of hair remains (this is a good result, you will not find it under zero).

It is convenient to hold in your hand. As a rule, dogs do not sit in one place and sometimes you need to dodge to shave, in this regard it is very maneuverable and light =)

Another plus, the razor coating is not glossy and therefore it will not slip out of the hand. To the touch it is like soft rubber or even hard silicone - soft touch, as on mobile phones, I hope it does not peel off.
We specifically chose the car on batteriesthat would not depend on the outlet. Plus, this feature makes the machine portable: if you need to make a summer haircut, you can go outside. Or another option: we still have a dog, and he won’t sit in revenge, so we catch him all over the apartment =)

The razor also works from the network, of course. The cord is about 1.5 meters long. And naturally an adapter with a flat plug is required.

The razor is not bad for our breed (Chinesecrested) and for breeds with soft and not very dense hair. For other cases, the power is not enough = (We have one more machine, but it compared with this one. It’s heavy, it works only from the network, after it there is 5 mm of wool, but
will take any breed: (and here, in general, a dumb plug - 3 contacts at an angle, I had to cut and put the usual plug).
Just want to warn a few in the setnozzles for different lengths, but there are no spare blades. We have about 1-2 blades per year for a small dog. So order this kit immediately and a spare tire from the same seller (in the same lot).