Tea, milk oolong

Hello, forum users !!!
Glad to introduce you milk oolong.
I have been looking for such tea for a long time. Having once tried this type of tea with my friends, I wanted to buy it myself. Only once he came across to me in one of the shops of our city. After that, my searches took place on Aliexpress. Several times I ordered teas called Milkoolong, but the usual oolong tea always came across, there wasn’t that creamy taste that I liked. And finally, in this order I received exactly the oolong that I wanted.
He came in a bag with a parallelepiped shape. Inside was a vacuum packing of gold color.
Dimensions 60 * 80 * 200. Weight check
nothing. The smell of tea is simply delicious, the creamy component is felt.
In friable form it looks like this

Brewed tea in straits
This is after the first strait, which merges

Subsequently, the leaves fully open.
So forth about tea. It should be brewed with water at a temperature of 85 ° -90 °. The color is quite saturated

Pleasant taste, without bitterness, with a little noticeablecreamy note. It goes well with all sorts of sweets. With sugar it’s just disgusting, although maybe it only seems to me like that, because I always drink without sugar. Brewed 7-10 times. I'm pleased with the purchase. I won’t recommend it, because it’s a matter of taste, someone dragging himself from Shu Puer, someone from Shen, someone like Da Hun Pao. In general, I have friends who do not like this tea. To buy or not to buy is up to you. I got a discount for $ 8 (311 rubles). All the best and good shopping.