Watch phone MQ998

To begin with, I licked at this watch for a long timeand so I decided to buy. I thought it would be a gift for the new year, but the clock had other plans and they drove for almost 2 months, and already thoughts began to appear "if they were not lost."
Great watch phone on my little handlook a little big. Camera 0.3 MP, normal translation into Russian. Surprisingly accurate and clear touch screen, who has at least a little finger protrudes, he can type text without a stylus. But the stylus is hidden so well that without a nail it can not be poked. Screen 128x128. Includes 2 batteries at 880mAh. One set as they arrived, 2/3 of the day and the clock hang, still look at how long they hold the charge. Own USB connector. Already (width) than MicroUSB. There are 2 physical buttons, similar to conventional phones, the left soft key and the red button.

ps there will be no pictures temporarily, in 2 weeksI will take pictures, supplement the review with my impressions and the duration of work from 1 battery charge. In the meantime, you can ask your questions
The additional battery holds 4 days, when used as a clock + sometimes talk, new experiences - there is no calculator, the antenna is a little weak
Photos bunch