Magnetic holder, clone (Steelie)

Good day!
Today I’ll tell you about one of the wonderful and useful purchases for myself dear and dear)))
One of these days my holder for a mobile phone broke, it was my native and I became attached to it somehow, she wandered around many of my cars.
The holder of a fall could not stand it and crumbled!
I needed a modern and comfortable for everyoneThe parameters of the holder and that helped me again AliExpress. I found a lot of different ones, but when searching, I came across a clone of the holder of a well-known company Steelie. At first he was skeptical, but at a low price, similar to the price of my holder in my homeland, the choice was made!
About the completeness:
A cardboard box in which were:
- round magnet for installation in the car
-flat platform for installation on the phone
-Two wipes
Installation is simple as underpants:
We assemble the entire design on the phone to begin with, in order to understand the dimensions and tilt angles. The only thing I did was stick a magnet on the case, I did not want to spoil the phone!
We choose a place for fastening, wipe and glue!
Now about the pros and cons:
Location selection
Counter shock
Easy to install
sometimes moves out of the selected installation angle
not removable

I am very pleased with the purchase, I didn’t use anything better! I recommend!