Phone holder for car. Or not?

To the grate. One more? Not really. We disassemble, assemble. And we use it for other purposes.
A neat little box came. Not luxurious, but not ashamed to present.

Inside the device itself. Made neatly. Nothing creaks, does not play, does not fall off. There is no flash, the casting quality is adequate.

Mounting deflection angle of 45 degrees, no less. More than enough.

The width of the jaws is 28mm. With the phone removed, the device does not take up much space on the panel.

Pharynx capture from 57 to 86 mm.

The springs are tight, the loss of the phone is not possible, even if bouncing over bumps.
We pass to field tests:

The gripper is gripped by four “fingers”. Between one pair the distance is smaller, between the other - more. So it is suitable for gratings of different thicknesses. Set. Holds on.
Insert phone:

Seen excellent. Angles are easily adjustable and securely fixed with a nut.

I drove a little. Everything seems to be normal, but the lattice itself somehow creaks suspiciously-crunches under the weight of my five-with-a-pony-inch phone. This is not to say that the holder is going to tear apart the grill right now, but some kind of instability is present. As a result, the holder removed and carried back home for an autopsy.
What do we see?

The device is divided into three parts by a fixing nut.
Further the most interesting. Four “fingers” are not plastic molded from polystyrene, they are tight metal holders covered with a rubber cover. Very well. We can say for sure - they will not break off when trying to drive the holder into an excessively massive grille. They will not crackle in the cold. They will not lose elasticity from repeated insertion and pulling out. At first I didn’t notice that there is metal with rubber, and not plastic, so it all looks solid.

We disassemble further.

Now we see all the components.
No latches or glues - everything rests on twoscrews and union nut. It’s on my hand. Here's the thing. I have long needed a watch in the bathroom. In the morning, when you are in a hurry, so as not to shout “how much time is there?” From the bathroom, in order to understand whether you have time to shave or not. In the evening, washing in the shower, in order to understand that he again sat until half past three. Ladies also need a watch - to withstand all kinds of conditioners, shampoos for some minutes on their heads. In short, the bathroom is perhaps the most convenient place for hours. I bought a watch with a suction cup, a suction cup, but all of them fell off over time. My tile is wavy, this makes it difficult to stick. There are very, very, very powerful suction cups, but they are not rubber or even silicone, but film. They embrace any surface very well, are attracted by a nut, and, importantly, after being attracted to the wall, they sit rigidly, without rolls. Well, like a nail, practically. So here. I had such a suction cup. I had a suitable watch, ikeevsky, Klokkisbut I didn’t have a connecting link between the watch and the suction cup. Now everything is complete:

I make one hole in the nut and can be assembled.

It remains only to seal the watch from splashing water and the problem is solved.