Cheap motorcycle alarm

An alarm was needed to scare away curious passers-by. I decided to save. I worked a day, and then somehow.

The shock sensor worked poorly. And then he broke down altogether. I had to open it.
The package bundle is visible in the photo above.
Additional Information

External examination showed 2nd malfunction. 1 capacitor. 2 incomprehensible spring with a magnet in the center.

she, too, was not fixed and held only onmagnet sticking to the cylinder (the one next to the condenser in the center) on the side. Because of this, it seems to me that the shock sensor did not work. It seems this spring should be in a different place, not? It begs her to put on top of the cylinder like this
But this does not close the alarm cover, the spring interferes. The main question is where is the place for this spring? How to increase the sensitivity of the sensor?
I think that replacing the capacitor and setting the spring will return the signalization to life. Although without a signaling Conder, it works for autostart and for blocking / unlocking with a key fob.
Here is such a review.