USB Diagnostic Adapter ELM327 Alteration for Ford Focus 2

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I wanted to share with you about the Chinese USB adapter ELM327 and remaking it for Ford Focus 2.
I ask everyone to cat.
A person should always strive to squeeze out everything that is laid down by the manufacturer to the maximum from the device, even if the manufacturer does not want to. Many things can be solved with just firmware.devices. Not a single phone that fell into my hands leaves me with the original firmware. Starting from my first phone, the Semens A55 was successfully changed into the C55, thereby greatly expanding its functionality. And to one of the former flagships of Samsung Note 2, which also acquired all the software qualities of Note 4.
What am I talking about, the fact is that from the momentthe appearance of my car Ford Focus2, stuffed with electronics, itched my hands to get into her brain. Reading the forum at the focus club, I found out that a lot can be fixed in the car with just this adapter. Smart people have already written good programs in this very helpful such as ELMConfig. The only thing left is to purchase the necessary adapter. I wanted to order on the forum, there are craftsmen collecting it themselves, but the price is 5 times higher than the analogue from the Chinese and the queue stopped me for a couple of months. It was decided to buy the cheapest adapter and try it out.
I found a suitable seller, paid the order for only 320 rubles, and after 20 days the package was already on my table:

I connected the device to the computer, the lights blinked merrily and Windows tried to identify the device. The first stage is passed, the device is working and is determined.
In Focus, part of the machine modules hangs at a high(HS-CAN) bus, part on the middle (MS-CAN). By default, a device from China allows you to work only on the middle bus. The alteration scheme is actually very simple, it is necessary that the contacts in the connectors from 6 and 14 switch to 3 and 11. For these purposes, a dual toggle switch in radio components was purchased for 30 rubles.

Alteration scheme:

We proceed to the alteration, first you need to unstick the sticker:

The case is fastened with 4 screws, we unscrew them, and with a flick of the wrist we halve the device. Here they are, the insides of the Chinese miracle:

Here it is the main connector, the contacts are all signed:

I repeat here it is on it that it is necessary to make the transfer of contacts from 6 and 14 to 3 and 11 and back through the toggle switch.
We prepare the wiring and clean them:

Solder everything according to the diagram above:

After soldering, we check once again that all contacts are soldered correctly.
Further, in my case, I took a dremel and drained a place under the toggle switch in the case:

The tumbler turned out to be too big and one mount had to be broken down:

You can of course do it more accurately, but I think the main thing would work:

Putting it all in place, sticking a sticker:

We connect to the laptop:

The LEDs blink merrily again. The adapter is ready to work on the machine.
Looking ahead I want to say that the adapter is completelyworking, assembled on a Prolific chip, tested on a machine and everything is flashed without problems. There were problems with Windows, in Windows 7 64 bit the dashboard didn’t normally want to flash, it produced recording errors. Even frightening me, “Chef, everything was gone !!!” But when I connected the laptop to Windows XP, everything went like clockwork. I am satisfied with the adapter, it’s definitely worth the money, I added new features to the Eco Mode car, the tire pressure sensor removed the snowflake nafik, and the engine temperature now shows exactly, turned off several unnecessary functions, such as turning on the heating and rear wiper, I think who in the subject will understand me. In fact, in ELMConfig you can configure a lot of things, up to the delay of light in the cabin, the main thing is without fanaticism, too much to include. If there is interest, I can describe the process in more detail. On this for now I want to finish, ask questions.
Good luck to all!

Prolific chip drivers
ELMConfig program.
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