Diagnostic autoscanner OP-com

It all started with the fact that at the end of August II’m tired of going to the brainchild of the domestic auto industry and I decided to transfer to a comfortable “shaitan-arba” imported. At the selection stage I came across but OPEL OMEGA B (restyled) and fired up her purchase. After a month of searching, the right car in excellent condition was found and purchased at a very reasonable price. That how the expense of this machine exceeds 11liters, the next day it was found HBO. It seemed to me life was getting better, but not for long the music was playing and one fine day the CHECK lamp (a malfunction in the exhaust gas system) lit up on the panel. A trip to a car service, one might say, took a stone from the soul (it turned out that it was not worth refueling at Lukoil's gas station), but left a gap in the budget. So I decided to comprehend the basics of computer diagnostics on my own.
During the gugerage of problematic issues selectedauto, in many forums I came across a mention of the then incomprehensible to me the word OP-COM. Googling yet, I figured out that OP-COM is a hardware-software complex for connecting OPEL (as well as some Renault and SAAB models) to a laptop, which allows not only reading the error list and resetting them, but also activating / deactivating options not activated from the factory etc.
What is OP-COM?

Incidentally, 11.11 arrived and among the many inflated prices, I found a real discount of 10%.
The seller sent the parcel on 12.11 and 02.12 the courier “Mist Express” brought it to my home (although by tracking it is still on the way).
Package tracking

Everything was packed in a cardboard box, inside of which lay a ZIP-package. The packaging did not suffer along the way, as well as its contents:

The kit includes:
OP-COM adapter 1 pc.;
USB cable 1 pc.;
CD with software and drivers 1 pc.

Connecting and installing drivers did not causeno problem. Windows 7 itself found and downloaded the drivers to the device, which indescribably pleased me, since there is no CD drive in any home computer.
The program itself, besides Russified, I downloaded here.
PC connection

Well, the favorite part is the dismemberment!
It is believed that real qualityChinese OP-COM clones are built on a PIC chip, not on an unknown chip labeled “OP-COM” and contain Japanese relays from NEC inside. I did not understand the origins of this urban legend, as well as its veracity.
My instance is built specifically on the controllerPIC18F458 from Microchip and the original USB2COM converter from FTDI (or maybe a Chinese copy of it), this particular feature played a role in the automatic driver search, since drivers are not automatically installed on Chinese CH340 / 341 converters (any owner of Chinese arduines will confirm this).
It was a little disappointing that the relay was not NEC, but then it turned out that NAIS is a Panasonic brand (Matsushita) and all doubts were dispelled.

There will be no connection to the car in the review, since I did not take pictures, but I can say that everything works perfectly.
Work instructions can be found on the OPEL profile forums, for example here astraclub.ru/threads/76612-FAQ.-OP-Com
Summing up:
For 11 bucks (the cost of one trip to an electrician), I got a completely suitable adapter, which is quite satisfied.