Designer Playing Cards Bicycle Jules Verne (Limited Edition)

The eternal classic in playing cards always remains the standard of quality, conciseness and beauty. But what to do when you need to surprise friends
or viewers? When a single focus or florish effect is not enough and it is necessary to strengthen the effect? This is where designer playing cards come to the rescue.
A variety of shades, colors and themes. It’s enough to get a deck of designer playing cards and your friends will vying to ask her to look closer.

Priority scripta
- exclusivity (limited edition)
- great idea and excellent implementation
- original, unique design
- glide well
- value growth (over time)
- “nice” price tag
- not found
Excellent deck "in every sense", with a "high" "artistic" and designer style.
Close to the ideal.
Good for collection and gift.

Today, a quick look at the wonderful deck of Bicycle Jules Verne (Limited Edition) cards.
The images on the cards beat the motives of four stories written by Jules Verne: “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, “From the Earth to the Moon”, “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”, “Around the World in 80 Days”.
The design of the box is designed to look like a 19th-century book, embossed on the face and ends.
Bicycle Jules Verne Limited Deck, released in the number of 5000 pieces and is available only to members of the club 808.
It is already sold out and therefore it can only be purchased from those who acquired it as a member of the 808 club, or from resellers.
Maps do not have sufficient photogenicity,to enjoy looking at the photos, but it’s worth picking them up, twisting them, turning them, and you understand that you are starting to fall in love with them. They are like a navigable river - calm, there’s nothing to catch on to the eye, but you will enter it and it will “bear” you. So this deck - the eye does not catch, but you take it in your hands and fall in love.
TTX deck

For sim let me take my leave. I wish you all good and happiness!
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