Ostrichpillow Light Travel Pillow

Good afternoon, redlightgreen. To your attention - a note on the Ostrichpillow Light travel cushion, ordered on aliexpress.
The store offers two lots to choose from - a pillow with or without packaging. Thought to give, took with the packaging. But I didn’t take into account that paper doesn’t save paper. Presentation lost.

We will analyze in order. Box:

To the touch - thin cardboard. On one side is a picture and slogans. On the other - a message to the buyer and instructions. In particular:
- do not wash;
- keep away from fire;
- Do not use while driving or while working with mechanisms;
- keep away from babies (inside the filler, consisting of small particles);
- not a toy;
- do not block the airways when using.
Good. Frightened enough, take a pillow.

Frankly, to the touch he represented her differently. I thought it would be something like a mattress. And I got a soft donut. The walls are thin, inside there is a filler - a lot of particles, almost the size of a grain of sand. This is a little worrying. A small gap - and collecting “stuffing” will be difficult, if not impossible.
For relaxation - a nice little thing. Warm, soft, well isolates light and vibration, can be shifted to the neck like a scarf. For better fixation there are laces at the back. In general, with proper dexterity, it replaces the horseshoe cushion and blindfold. The only pity is that the sound does not isolate. If you want to take a nap in silence, prepare ear plugs.
- soft
- isolates light
- warm
- fragile
- does not isolate sound
- crumpled packaging
That's all. Thanks for your attention.