Tiger USB Arc Lighter

A slightly expanded overview of the lighter ...
Good quality arc lighter with USB charging (microUSB connector on the lighter itself)
I bought 2 pieces - for myself and for a gift, because tired of refueling and buying lighters.
Delivery, surprisingly, is very fast - 8 days (and this despite the New Year holidays).


Included is a lighter, a microUSB cable in a gift box (as in the photo in the lot).
The weight of the lighter is 92 g. The body is similar to a metal one (not aluminum).
Photo from the description of the lot:

Photo with a box from the package (on charge):

In progress:

The performance quality is average (as you can see from the photo, the electrodes are not evenly located), but it does not look cheap (including because of the weight). According to reviews - one charge is enough for a week of work.

The diode on adhesive tape burns during charging and turns off when finished.

The battery is 220 mAh, as you can see:

Soldering is hard to show, but quality.
A great gift for a smoker on a holiday (namely a smoker, because the distance between the electrodes is less than the diameter of a standard cigarette), but it is also possible for a smoker ...
+ it works and judging by the quality of execution it will work
+ packing and weight as a gift
- the wife did not like the squeak in the process of "work" of the arc.
- a small distance between the arcs, designed for slims cigarettes, but you can smoke a regular cigarette
+ - the price is not suitable for everyone ...