Jedi umbrella with backlight

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We continue to reap the harvest from 11.11 - a transparent umbrella with a luminous handle and a flashlight.
I have long wanted a transparent umbrella, because whenin the wind and rain in the face you can’t see at all what is ahead, and also not very on the sides. And then a transparent umbrella - and what kind - with backlight caught my eye on alik. Why not? Well, the umbrella has come. And pretty fast.
Came in a cardboard box with a triangular profile. On the edges it is packed in a pimply film. I don't see the point of taking packets.
Photo: Package Contents

The light guide is pretty solid. Although it bends degrees by 3. The dome is made of pure polyethylene for beds. Well, why else make a transparent dome? The caps on the edges of the needles are simply soldered with a film. It is revealed completely by hand, there are no variations of closers. Length 82 cm.
Photo: film and caps

The spokes of the dome are made of plastic, apparently with a metal rod inside. The spokes of the mechanism are metal.
Photo: mechanism and knitting needles

A pen. She is made of plastic. It looks confident. No technical seams or burrs were found. Spins on the thread. Inside the unit for three AAA batteries, it is a “flashlight" for the glow under the legs. It is turned on by pressing the “glass” of the flashlight. It shines with a cheap LED-light with a purple tint. Yes, an ordinary two-legged LED. This unit can be removed and used as a flashlight.
The idea in itself is very good. What can not be said about the implementation. Immediately you see some convoy s2 in the place of this craft. Joke.
Photo: battery pack

In the second half, a light guide and a backlight are attachedfor him. The backlight turns on separately on the button. It was not possible to disassemble, since the cunning Chinese put the whole thing on glue, even if there were holes for the screws.
Photo: bottom half and button

Only 8 modes - different static colors and onea mode in which they all alternate automatically. Switching is simple - on-off method. After each shutdown, a different color is switched on.
Photo: backlight

According to the results.
A very entertaining toy, a welcome gift for children and adolescents, and the proportion of adults are not averse to playing the Jedi. Easy doping is possible. For example, a battery is requested instead of three AAA.
It was tested under light snow and an icy wind - without an umbrella, your face freezes, it is comfortable with it, it protects it from the wind, you can see everything ahead. Conditional test drive passed.
Of the minuses. Seeming insecurity, price ... good only at a discount.
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