Furminator (fake)

A year ago, I bought the original Furminator on DX -I successfully use it to comb out a cat, both are very satisfied. Recently I decided to buy the same for my sister, but Dialect Extreme is no longer trusted (besides, I haven’t found it there now) - I ordered a similar one on Aliexpress. But he is far from the original ...

Since there were no yellow furminators on Ali, I chose the most similar black one.
The link leads to the "snapshot" of the goods, because this seller no longer supplies them. But for “shedding tool” it’s easy to find the same ones (for example, here).
Came in a plastic bag, without packaging (this was not a surprise - it is not in the seller’s photos).
Actually, this device differs from the originalnoticeably, albeit very similar in appearance. The blade is more like a comb (not sharp), the teeth are longer. It is normal, but far from real. I do not advise taking it - it's better to look for the original in other stores. For example, there is a large size on the BIC: buyincoins.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2162 (but whether this is original - one can only guess). AND at Tinydeal there is a real one (but it’s only in the photo - I won’t guarantee).
Photos of the device, including next to the original

Blade comparison