Cthulhu Gildan T-shirt

That's what I like to buy Gildan on Ali, soit's the predictability of the quality of the t-shirts themselves. I immediately know that it will be 100% cotton and size XXXL will suit me. The only element of surprise is the quality of the Chinese print.
The store has hundreds of different designs. This time I settled on a schematic representation of an ancient deity with the slogan #Nolivesmatter.

If anyone does not know the character of the works of Howard Lovecraft, here is the link www.wikireality.ru/wiki/Ктулху
Ali sells a lot of Gildan t-shirts, butif you need size XXXL, then 2 problems await you: the choice of stores is narrowed considerably, and for large T-shirts they are asking for $ 12, at the usual price for the remaining sizes of $ 8. Honestly, I felt sorry for $ 8 as well, I was aiming for a purchase with a 4/5 coupon.
As a result of a long search, 2 stores were found in which all Gildan T-shirts were $ 8 for something, regardless of size. One sabzhevy, and the second under the name REM.
On the product page there is a large selection of colors for the t-shirt itself and print.

But for some reason, I don’t like most of the colors of T-shirts. Most attracted to dark blue. The color of the print I chose is yellow.
The seller sent the goods pretty quickly, the package with a full-fledged China post track.
I used to write a review about a Gildan t-shirt with a fox redlightgreen.org/blog/aliexpress/64570.html
There, the print was applied with a rubber paint. And it was applied somewhat unevenly - not in the center and at an angle.
Here is the same story.

The print itself is very clear.

But not everyone will like rubber paint.

Seems unreliable. Although, on a similar t-shirt with a fox, nothing fell off over the summer.
The inscription is as clear as the picture.

Immediately I mention an unexpected jamb, which is not evident in the photo.
These are dark spots on a t-shirt. One below the letters MA. The second is on the upper left chest. A typical Chinese approach to business. Nakosyachili when printing and not rejected, but sent to the client. It was possible to open a dispute, but I did not, because the spots are not very noticeable.
T-shirt parts are familiar to Gildan products.
Knitted neck.

Neat shoulder seam.


There are no side seams.

The view from the back.

Throat at the back.

Threads are sharpened slightly on the hem.

Now let's look at the T-shirt from the inside.
Even here spots are visible. I did not understand, they are from dark paint or something oily. If the second option, you may leave after washing.

The neckline is neat, in one place the threads from the seam hang.

The shoulder seam is reinforced with braid.

Seams on the armhole and hem of the sleeves do not upset.

Is that hanging a couple of threads.

The back side of the t-shirt.

Trim hem.

Plain Gildan label.

In general, the quality of tailoring a T-shirt does not raise questions. Normal branded cotton t-shirt "print". But the quality of the print itself will not please perfectionists.
Let's move on to the fitting.
My parameters: height 198 cm, shoulder width 56 cm, chest circumference 125 cm.
A 3XL t-shirt has the following options:
Shoulder width 57 cm. Neck width 16.5 cm.
The length from the neck to the bottom is 68 cm in front and 78 cm in back.
The width of the T-shirt from armpit to armpit is 61 cm, along the hem is 63 cm.
Sleeve length 21.5 cm, sleeve width in the shoulder area 29 cm, in the bend area 21 cm.
This is how a T-shirt looks like on me.

The village is quite good, only how everything Gildan is going to fold “in the armpits”. Live dark spots and unevenness of the print are not very noticeable, I will wear.
Most readers think - why take the risk with Chinese quality, because around the corner is full of cheap and high-quality T-shirts.
The fact is that I'm pretty picky about the content of the drawings, and I don’t like much. In some stores on ebay I looked through thousands of designs and did not attract anything.
But the Chinese find it interesting, I have to take risks.
That's all.
Thanks for attention.