Custom Design T-shirt with Aliexpress

T-shirt with print of your own design -quite common and affordable way to emphasize your personality. At one time, I tried to experiment with special paper for an inkjet printer, where the image was then transferred to the fabric using an iron. It didn’t work out on my own, so in the future I began to order printing on T-shirts in local specialized studios, since recently we have opened quite a lot of them and there is a choice.

I have not tried ordering a print on a T-shirt on Aliexpress, so when the opportunity arose, I decided to conduct such an experiment, the results of which I want to share with you.
In the product description, it was indicated that the material of the T-shirt is 100% cotton, and the dimensional grid corresponds to the generally accepted, and not small, Chinese.

My height is 179 cm and my weight is 85 kg, so I chose size XL.
Regarding print requirements, whenin the frontal arrangement, the maximum allowable size is 283 x 471 mm (1337 x 2223 px for the graphic template), and with the reverse arrangement (on the back) - 316 x 531 mm (1492 x 2508 px), respectively.
For printing, I chose a smaller image - 900 x 1283 px simply because I did not find this image in higher resolution.
original image

Base T-shirt is available in 15 colors (gray,black, blue, navy blue, beige, green, yellow, pink, violet, red, white, orange, dark green, graphite and blue). I chose a graphite color, which seems to me the most consistent with the color scheme of the print.
Before paying for the order, I clarified whether this image is suitable for printing, and made the payment as soon as I received confirmation:

The parcel was a plain black plastic bag. The shirt inside was packed in a transparent plastic bag without labels.

Judging by the tag, the material of the T-shirt is 100% cotton. The fabric seems really cotton to the touch, but I can’t say for sure that it’s exactly 100%, because the t-shirt has not yet been washed. In the product reviews there is a mention that the composition is mixed - cotton / polyester, but again - this is a subjective opinion.

General appearance of a T-shirt (on a hanger):

The width of the T-shirt at the shoulders was more than the declared size for XL - 54 cm

The total length corresponds to the size chart - 75 cm.

Close-up print:

The actual image size is 17 x 25 cm. Proportionally, this corresponds to the aspect ratio in pixels and centimeters stated in the product description.
Silent detailing the quality of tailoring
Lapel T-shirt inside closeup.

The same outside:

Sleeve inside and out closeup.

Bottom t-shirts inside and out.

It looks like a T-shirt on me:

The size of the t-shirt was somewhata bit wide. 54 cm in the shoulders is too much for me, I usually focus on a width of 52 cm. On the other hand, 52 cm was clearly indicated in the size table, so it turns out that the error in the size occurred due to the seller’s fault.
Otherwise, the quality of the t-shirt and print itself II rate it as good. As for the cost, if you focus on my local prices, the cost of printing on cotton of this size will be $ 3-4 plus $ 4-5 for the t-shirt itself, which is cheaper. Thus, before ordering, I would recommend that you first familiarize yourself with local prices, and based on this, decide how much the purchase of a T-shirt with your print from this seller will be economically justified for you.