HSP RC Racing car 1:10 XSTR Pro Off-Road Buggy (HSP 94107 Pro) W / parts

I searched for options for a long time, prepared for a long time, for a long timeI persuaded my wife, I picked up coupons and sellers, listened to the bickering of Russian Post workers when I rushed to the department without notice, but I was not disappointed. I present to you the all-wheel drive beauty 1/10 scale with a brushless motor - HSP XSTR Pro.

Search for a seller was long and painful. On the one hand, my wife squinted at me, periodically turning a finger at my temple, on the other hand, if you take such an apparatus, then take “full stuffing”. I can’t say that my own amphibian did not spin around all this time, now and then trying to strangle me, but stumbled on the $ 30 coupon of Aliexpress, I kicked the green under the table and decided - HSP XSTR suits me for the price, and the Pro version adds things like a brushless motor, a programmable 45A regulator with brake functions, working with both Ni-MH and Li-Po (up to 3S) batteries, wheel bearings, beautiful rims to the stock option. This seller, in addition to the charms of the Pro version, offers to put in the kit also a two-channel control panel with a receiver (AM) and a 3600 mAh battery. After placing the order (before payment), polite but cunning Chinese raised the price by $ 30, arguing that delivery to Russia is more expensive than to the USA. There were no analogues in price + equipment, the $ 30 coupon worked, so the decision was made in favor of the Chinese, but for this I demanded a New Year Gift from the Chinese, charging with an euro plug, my favorite body color and a larger battery. They fulfilled the first two points of my requirements by investing in the package magic wand (if there are those who wish, I’ll see). But with other points, a problem came out. They warned about color right away - we’ll put what is in stock, they say we’ll try, but we don’t promise. The battery capacity also depends on what will be in stock, and can be from 3000 mAh to 4500 mAh, but there will certainly be Li-Po. Well, I asked them to rummage in the warehouse properly and send me a battery with a larger capacity.
With sending late for half a day. Since the order was placed right before the New Year, I spent all the holidays in a languid expectation. Oddly enough, the China Post (not to be confused with Air Mail), in a compartment with the Russian Post, performed their duties perfectly, and 19 days after the shipment, I with combat got a healthy parcel weighing 3.5 kg at my post office.
An autopsy showed that the box is actually layers of polystyrene foam tightly wrapped with tape (some tape with the inscription EMS for some reason).

The whole machine was wrapped up and studded with pieces of polyurethane foam, so nothing was hurt.

So in the box, I found:
1/10 buggy, frog-colored with blue wheels (I requested a blue body and blue wheels)

Two-channel control panel

Rear spoiler (the only one injured and slightly stiffened) and the antenna tube

Euro Charger

A package of instructions and every little thing

Despite the fact that the description of the goods indicates the absence of instructions, in the package it is present in full in pure English.
1) Instructions for the radio remote control and receiver
2) Instruction for the chassis (general operation)
3) Instructions for the controller, with a description of programming settings
4) Spare parts catalog

The owner’s card (as I understand it), a keychain, 8 spacers for shock absorbers (four different thicknesses), a device for synchronizing the remote control and receiver were stained in the same package.

But with the battery came annoyance, he didn’tLi-Po, and normal Ni-MH. On the one hand, it was upset (the Chinese cheated), on the other, it was pleasant, because by that time, I read that lithium at much lower temperatures works much worse than metal hydride (you need to drive it right now), and the second battery (honest Li-Po) has already been ordered.

The beginning completely pleased me. I planned to launch a test run and initial run-in in the apartment. Comrades, hell was there, this gun almost blew up a children's house, peacefully standing under the bed.
After the initial break-in, the electrical components were sealed, as it turned out later, unsuccessful.
The first exit into the street, in the snow - a delight. After about five minutes I notice that the front wheels have stopped rowing, I checked - it is, the cardan does not spin. Pokatushki ended, the debriefing showed that the cardan fixing pins were lost, and on both sides at once. I upgraded this unit - now the fixation is reliable, the wear in this place should be lower.

The next break-in day showed that the proceduresealing was carried out by me poorly, the switching circuit closed in the regulator circuit. All this led to a complete analysis of the regulator, cleaning the board of salt, and at the same time flux, fitting the cooling radiator, installing it on good thermal grease and completely filling all joints of the regulator with sealant. Unfortunately, at the time of the analysis it was frankly not up to the photo, because there is only an appearance after the completion of work.

An antenna was also normally installed (for this I had to drill a hole in the casing).

Now the device works fine, but the batteryin the cold (-6 ..- 3) there are enough minutes for 20 rides, and this despite the fact that the controller is programmed for the mildest start mode (Punch) - 25%. But it charges about 15 hours with standard charging, but I'm not discouraged, IMAX B6 is on its way :))
Just a picture of the front suspension.

I do not regret the penny that I spent on thisa purchase is a sea of ​​pleasure from skiing (even a wife who from the very beginning was very skeptical of my undertaking, appreciated the fascination of the process), it is a sea of ​​pleasure from digging in settings, inventing upgrades, etc.
Plans to install headlights, dimensions and cameras.
A patient cinematographer reward.

Ride a bit