Estone X7 Gaming Mouse

Good evening! Another Chinese mouse on the test. This time the name and name is estone x7 and the modest inscription "we just do the best"

Interface Type: USB
Number of Buttons: 7
Optical Resolution: 1000-1600-2400-3200 DPI
Consumption: 5V, 100 mA
Size: 130 (l) x 86 (w) x 39 (h) mm.
Weight: 84 g.

For the first time in my review, a mouse with a "name" and, even,but it’s bad luck: when I tried to go to the site indicated on the back of the mouse, I was informed with a sad emoticon on a white background of the browser that this page does not exist

Next in order:
Anatomical design - fits comfortably in your hand
Beautiful, shimmering in different colors backlight (below will be a GIF)
The cord is braided, it is 1.5 m long.
Again, the build quality (everything works perfectly and the sound of the keys is absolutely not annoying, the scroul turns gently)
The presence of the “double click” button will be to the liking of shooters
A ferrite filter (does not respond to a magnet, and, I think, it is not corny there) can most likely be attributed to disadvantages
So she looks:

I am satisfied with the mouse! It may seem to someone that it is light and it is not very convenient to lift it (if it was heavier, I think this would be a real problem), but having adapted, it is quite possible to cope. Although this is clearly a design flaw
Would I recommend it for a purchase ?! Yes! So far this is the best mouse for the price of $ 5-8.
to use.
And as promised, GIF (doesn't seem to work)

Here are some more pictures from the site to have an idea about the backlight. it shimmers smoothly and beautifully and the colors are such