Gaming mouse ZEXUS ZT-V9 (2000dpi)

Hello! The cbr cm500 mouse began to blunt. Basically, the scroll wheel began to blunt. Cleaning and throwing against the wall did not help))
I decided to buy another mouse - wireless, cheap - 1 day and broke)
Group purchases caught my eye, and this mouse, supposedly with a 75% discount. And this discount is constantly renewed)
Well, in general, if briefly - the mouse is normal, I like it.
And now more ...
The mouse arrived in a cardboard box, in a little bubble. The mouse does not have its own packaging.
It is well assembled, the plastic feels like a soft touch. The buttons and the wheel are pressed and rotated without jamming.
It lies well in the hand, it is quite comfortable to use. Only now the part with the name and the picture sticks out on the mouse - it’s unusual at first, but I’m used to it and don’t notice)
The sides are simply plastic, with a pattern to prevent slipping. It would be better if they attached rubber) But okay, and so it goes)
The backlight is quite bright, but not enough to dazzle, distract, etc.
The accuracy of the mouse is quite normal, there is a dpi change button. changes the resolution in 4 steps,
1 mode - 600dpi
2 mode - 1000dpi
3 mode - 1400dpi
4 mode - 2000dpi
Checked prog Enotus Mouse Test. Thanks bRaven
Checked on the line - 10 cm led)
The wire is not very thick, how long it will last, and when it breaks it is not known)
If there was a braid, it would be better. But she is not, well, okay)
Of course this is an optical mouse, but for the title of "gaming" it should be laser) But this mouse can be used)
Well, what about without pictures?)

Unpacking and working video
Thanks for attention!