toys for baby

Already wrote about buying toys for the baby, here came more. Mat and toys. a lot of photos and a little text :)
I ordered a coupon of $ 15 for purchases over 15. Therefore, they cost only $ 1.45. Now they have risen significantly. The toy then cost $ 7, and the rug $ 9.45
Mat reference:
Actually, I really liked both the rug and the toy. Everything is sewn well, the threads do not openly stick out, it is painted well and does not stink.
Let's start with the toy:
A photo

On it is a ruler true in inches, andOf course, a pillow that would lie on her breast, a mirror and toys that can be unfastened is absolutely useless in terms of measuring growth. There are no complaints at all about quality either, nothing sticks out, it doesn't stink.
a photo

It would be especially something and nothing to write. Cons are not one pluses. True, if it weren’t for the coupon, I probably would not have bought it. And with a coupon, if the quality would be poor and throw it away is not scary. But the fears were not confirmed. The only minus the seller was very late with sending, but the mail, too, somehow in no hurry