Toys from the animated series Paul Robocar

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My daughter, four years old, having seen enoughYouTube cartoons about Paulie Robocar, said she wants to see the heroes of this animated series in her toys on her birthday. What can’t you do for your beloved child! .. Moreover, the child seriously facilitated the task of choosing a gift.
Search on my fragile shoulders shouldered my wife. She studied Aliexpress for a long time and stubbornly for the presence of these toys and about a month after the start of the search, she stated that she had decided - where and from whom to buy. Bought from this Chinese. Included four toys - Paulie, Roy, Amber and Helly. The seller immediately warns on his page that he will send the original toys without the original packaging. Paid on 13.08, sent on 19.08, received by mail on 10.09. During the month that the parcel got to our city, the daughter either wanted these toys, or did not want to. My wife and I have already begun to worry that the child will not need toys. But finally the package arrived. Each toy was packed in an air bubble film, packed in a cardboard box and sealed with a gray film. The package arrived without damage. Unpack - and here they are, our friends!

If anyone doesn’t know, from left to right - Amber, Roy,Helly and Paulie Robocar. Toys are small, measuring 5 x 5 x 10 centimeters. The plastic is of high quality, it smells nothing, the edges are not sharp, so the child will not get hurt during the game. Legs-wheels and hands-wheels are movably attached to the body with a hinge. At first, the child liked the toys, and I, too, have nothing to hide (that's for sure - approx. His wife). I want to disassemble and assemble them all the time.
Here are additional photos of the toys.



Well, and Paulie Robocar.

But the quality of the design is very poor. After 2-3 days of intensive use of toys, their legs and arms began to fall out of the hinges and the toys stopped standing still and fell. Helly turned out to be the strongest, he only had a propeller spinning. Worst of all Roy, he barely stands. A week later, the daughter threw them into a box with toys and almost stopped playing with them. I do not recommend buying from this seller. If you really liked the toys, then look elsewhere, suddenly there the quality will be better.
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