Amazing 1962 Puer with a fishy finish

Recently, among group purchases on Ali could notPass by this splendor, the masterpiece Puer of 1962 (his age is more than 50 years old as a seller). His price was more than acceptable, and I decided to tickle my taste buds with this "madness" and, as one of the people trying to admit, he really tickled his nose. So, the continuation inside ...

Tea packaging is really respectful, nice to hold.

1962, and as you thought, about the same and should cost a decent puer 62 years.

Break it and look what’s at stake.

It breaks hard, apparently the pressing is high, as befits puers of this level. The sheet is small, apparently from many years of storage it has become so.

Let's look at the reviews, their many and overwhelmingmost of those who have tried appreciated this magic of Chinese tea preservation. “Cool tea!” And it really relaxes! ”They write and, frankly, I’m scared to imagine to what extent this tea can relax, just think, - 1962. “Wonderful tea. I will by more of this. ”- the foreigners agree. But among the comments there is an assumption that the tea was not fermented in the ground, but in the cow - so, I want to assure that it is simply impossible to bear tea in the cow for so many years, so it was exactly the earth and maybe fire, who knows, these are people by ignorance they wrote.
I’ll say one thing for sure, magnificent, to the point of madness,the fishy aftertaste, divine after beer, and even directly to beer, needs to expand its taste perceptions, and indeed this tea may surprise and has already surprised several people whom I treated.
We look more:
- Tea is super, delicious!
- I recommend
- Tea is just awesome

Yes, this is the kind of tea that China is famous for and our beautiful compatriots - tea-pots, because you know a lot about quality, and you really should be proud of it.
I’ll add from myself that you can really fly away from this tea, so please, friends, ground yourself, at least with coal.