Screen for 6 ″ reader (PocketBook)

6 inch screen.
To replace the broken screen of e-books.
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The screen is suitable for the following models:
Sony PRS-505, PRS-700, PRS-600
Amazon Kindle 2
Lbook V3, Lbook V3 +
Orsio b731 and later
Pocketbook 301+, PocketBook 302, PocketBook Pro 602, PocketBook Pro 603
Explay TXT Book, FR-book, Onyx

and almost all other modern e-books with 6-inch screens.
Personally, I used the screen to replace the PocketBook 301+. Differences with the original screen, after replacing, I did not find.
The seller packed the package and sent it very quickly.

The screen fell into my hands in a rather stiff box pasted with tape. Inside it was wrapped in pimpled polyethylene and lined with paralon on all sides.
By replacement, you can see this instruction
My rating is 5 out of 5