Quality Power Supply from BSSPOWER

I love power supplies. Good. Not a lot of good ones, but you need to look for the good. All of them are New and High Quality. And all from different Factory from the basement usually.
And here I got such a good one.
Actually, there is a lot. But here it was necessary to change the 9V battery.
Mom, dear!

Of course, I understand that everyone wants to eat ...
But then it’s easier for me in China to order a power supply once.
But good one. I do not like hack.
Love MeanWell. Good, but expensive.

I searched for a long time. Found from the factory BSSPOWER.
They have for every taste and color ... the current is black. And there is a site.
_http: //www.bsspower.net/
Power supplies for 5 V, 9 V, 12 V. are available.

Declared a very decent performance.

Prices by the standards of brands are very modest, a little more expensive than any one-time.
The first one ordered did not come, knocked back money.
He knocked out the money, ordered a second one but with a tracking number.
The second came in 29 days.
Something recently does not come without a track.

It, of course, is not MeanWell, but everything is not bad.


Here he is a battery of batteries.
Cord 24 AWG. For 1 amp will do.
The block is disassembled without problems.
Glue on the ears is not drenched

The grooves in the case are made with high quality, the board is not tight and loose.
Everything is as it should.
Precise plastic casting is expensive.
Let's just say it requires a production culture and extra money.

Entrance and exit are considered to be separate.
The security zone is wide.

SMD components are glued, as it should be during installation.

The conclusions are bitten off, the flux is washed off and the power paths are additionally reinforced.
It is right.

For comparison, look at the company and NOT good.
It is branded from the kit for Philips Xenium.
The MOS transistor was enclosed in foil and grounded, the wire in the photo is visible.
But it didn’t save

By the way, there is no protective slot either.

But below is the basement crap. Stated as much as 3 A, diode 360, though 2 A.
But he fell on one. Therefore, it was taken as a warning to descendants, but the case with EU leads and cable was started up instead of an American.
Look - there is only one capacitor at the output.
One capacitor, Karl! One!!!

And that's not it. Also crap.

See restored.

It seems like he explained why he liked BSS.
Let's look at it further.
No input filter

However, the contacts for a 220V or 127V network are very good.

On the other hand. A protective Y-capacitor with all labels is available.

At the input there is a capacitor 10 μF 400V (-40 + 105С) and a master capacitor 47 μF 25V. It would be better at 50 V.

The main chip is SD6830 at 12 watts (at the peak of 15 watts).
_http: //www.silan.com.cn
Current Mode PWM + PFM Controller With Built-In Oscillator, high voltage MOSFET (700 V) and frequency reduction function.
Modulation in frequency, pulse width, built-in generator and mosfet at 700 volts.

All the protections that are in nature.
Overvoltage, undervoltage, short-circuit, over load and over temperature protections.
I think this will live forever.
Orient 817C optocoupler in the reverse circuit.

At the output, a Schottky diode 3100 by 3 Amperes and a LowESR capacitor 470 μF at 16V and a normal 470 μF 16V. -40 + 105С which is good.

LED clamped
The designation USB is visible - it means the board is universal.

As you can see, the theory is all right.
The volume is large, it will not overheat.
We check.
I got hold of a rent with a taco resistor.

With a load of 10 ohms.
It is heated, but not criminally. Resistor too.
All get warm if the output is a diode.

Let's look at Fluke.

No load, everything is as in the description 9 V + 5%.

Ripples are declared at the output of 100 mV.
This is cool for a $ 3 device.
720 mV at the peak.

I added tantalum at 100 microfarads to the first and set the output 470 microfarads LowESR.
Eh, the ripple did not decrease.
- recommended for use. Then what is done with high quality for such a price.
I understand that there are Nillkin and a pin on the farm, he is Good by all criteria. But the price tag then ... up to $ 10 (On ZhirBest Wait 4.99).
Instead of a cat
look at