What is the name of the lamp for gel polish: a review of SUNUV SUNmini2 - an indispensable device for nails and a beautiful shellac manicure

Hello. My today's review will be primarily interesting to girls who want to have a beautiful manicure, but do not want to bother with it every 2-3 days or spend a lot of money in beauty salons.
I think many are familiar with manicure technology whenhelp gel varnishes that are “dried” (in fact, the polymerization process under the influence of UV radiation, such as fillings at the dentist). The most famous brand name in this thread.is shellac. The name of this company is so popular that it has already become a household name (like Xerox, for example, everyone says “Xerox”) and now any manicure made using light-cured varnishes is called shellac.
For some reason, for many, such a manicure seems to be somethingcomplex and “professional”, that is, as if it cannot be done independently. Such a stereotype, possibly imposed by beauty salons, so as not to lose customers. The cost of the procedure in the cabin varies from 500-800 rubles and above. In fact, it is not difficult to do it on your own, it will only take a little “capital cost” for a special lamp and varnishes (in fact, the base, varnish and top).
In the vastness of Ali, there are many different lamps,differing in design, power and different chips, such as automatic inclusion. But for starters, a simpler lamp was ordered, so to speak, to enter this wonderful world of gel polish-manicure.
So, here is the hero of my review today - UVLED SUNmini UV Lamp Nail Dryer Portable Nail Curing Tool for Nail Gel Polish Manicure 2 Timers 45 s / 60 s.
I love auto-translation Ali) Always uplifting.
In general, the hero of my today's reviewcalled SUNUV SUNmini2. The declared lamp power is 6 watts, it works from any charger with a micro usb connector, which can give 1 A or more (I tried to connect it to the USB output on a Macbook - it also works fine, there is enough power) it has off timers for 45 and 60 seconds.

As I understand it, SUNUV is pretty cool and has a lot of different lamas in its lineup. So everyone will be able to choose a lamp according to their functionality and budget.

The lamp cost me 4.99 bucks, it took 28 days with the carrier SF eParcel.
Came in a simple plastic bag without a bump.
Photo with tape measure to estimate the size of the box

In the box, the lamp itself and a micro usb cable of the "noodle" type (soft and flat) 1 meter long.

The lamp design is more than completely copied from the Apple Magic Mouse.

The lamp is actually portable andit is intended for all kinds of travels, such as tossing it in a suitcase and doing a manicure for yourself on vacation (well, when a vacation is long and even such a manicure does not stand it))).
At the bottom of the lamp are folding legs and 6 LEDs.

The legs fold, which allows her to be so compact and portable.

Photo with tape measure to evaluate the size of the lamp

On the side there is a power button (a short press turns on the lamp for 45 seconds, long for 60 seconds).

For those interested in the technical part, I measured the current consumption - it was about 0.9 amperes, that is, the lamp power is about 5 watts.

This is how the diodes glow during operation. Do not repeat - UV radiation is harmful to the eyes!
Real tests have already been carried out.
The following products were used:
Means for degreasing nails - Severina,
Base - BLUESKY Gel Polish Base Coat,
Varnish - BLUESKY Shellac Color,
Top - BLUESKY Gel Polish Top Coat.
Photo in the process.

The result pleased.

The manicure lasted 2 weeks without any problems and was washed off, as it was already tired.
Also, varnishes with Ali were ordered, but they are still on the way. As soon as they arrive, I will definitely do a review to assess their quality. And maybe it’s not worth paying for the BLUESKY brand, and are Chinese varnishes good too? Find out soon)
That's all. I hope you enjoyed the review and it was useful. So, as they say, it’s not the gods who burn the pots and make a “type of professional” manicure at home more than real, sitting under the series and spending an hour and a half of time. The manicure lasts a very long time, so it’s easier to sit down and do it once, than to fool every 2-3 with ordinary varnishes.
In the video review you will find the application and drying technology itself.
Thank you all for your attention and have a nice day)
The goods were bought for their own, so no clause 18.
Proof with order

P.S. One reader had a question - is it possible to use the lamp as a detector of counterfeit banknotes. I specifically made a photo of the bill in the light of the lamp. Well, the hairs glow a little, but nothing special. So the answer is no, you can’t. Well, or they gave me a fake five thousandth). Photo under the spoiler.
Photo of a bill in the light of a lamp