Scratch Map Travel Edition

Hello, Muscovites. I love traveling, discovering new cities, countries, comprehend another culture. Therefore, I decided to order this card for myself, where I need to erase the protective layer of those countries that I have already visited. The map is in English, there are options in Russian, but it didn’t matter to me. Size 88 × 52cm, as specified.
I have been ordering things from various sites for a long time, but just now I decided to start writing reviews, I hope it works out =)
A card arrived in 16 days, which is very fast, in a tube, though it was patted him well on the way and he reached it in a rumpled state.

Only one cap of the tube remained intact.

The card was tightly pressed to the tube and it was problematic to get it, so it was decided to cut it and ruin it a little))

Inside the card was covered with white translucent paper, but this did not save it from scratches.

Earlier, I ordered a card, which I later presented, it was more expensive and matte, this turned out to be glossy (when photographing with a flash, a reflection is visible).

What would be related to the minuses: when you erase the top layer, it does not coincide with the bottom a little.

In general, the purchase fit into my interior and I am happy with it, I hope someday I can erase most of the card !!!
Thank you for your attention, do not judge strictly, this is my first review. Waiting for comments and suggestions!