Dendy / FamiCom / NES Cartridge

Bought instead of a pack of offline remodels for tons of oil - one, from the same Chinese friends, but cheaper.
How I wanted to play 8bit junk, and what came of it.
Briefly - at a discount you can take. The rest is on.
The cartridge arrived in a little less than a month, in the usual yellow bag with a little bubble, without additional packaging. Although the subject survived the delivery of PR, but for the absence of at least a cardboard box, the product is a small minus.
It looks like a “cassette” (yes, yes, in childhood in our district only a “cassette”, and nothing else), like any remake

The quality of the plastic is not bad, vyrviglazny color and addictive label available.
No showdown, no review

Compared to the giblets of 4 games from 90s:

In comparison with the remake (maid in Yekaterinburg) in 7 games:

The patient was launched on such a FamiClone from the same 90s, the wonderful company Subor.
What are we launching on

Here she is, a childhood dream. That on the same cassette and Contra, and Chip & Dales, and the Black Cloak and Robocops with Tiny Tunes, and even MortalKombat with Turtles and Mutants in addition.

It is noteworthy that when choosing the first 2x Contra we get into the submenu of the choice of levels and weapons.
“But the Chinese would not be Chinese” © Yes, all 198The games are nominally different, but under the unknown names, hellish creations from the basement are hidden, like the dull Galaxian clones on an unknown engine and in a dozen variations with different sprites.
And yet, there are more than a dozen authentic, playable games from childhood available (did not take photos of all screens, the list of games is on the product page)
UPD Game List

There were no glitches and freezes on my hardware (almost, except for the warm and lamp-darkened Jungle Book, which even delivers).
The cartridge is suitable for NOT patients with collecting items, sometimes remembering games that have been loved since childhood, a kind of “almost all in one”
UPD. Yes, yes, there are new 8-bits on sale even in our county with a bunch of built-in games, not expensive. All salt was to play on the iron mentioned above. I have nothing against emulators. But since a prefix appeared in a small collection of junk from the 80-90s, why not find out what Chinese friends can offer, I thought.
We summarize.
+ Solid manufacture of both hull and offal
+ A very good selection of games, no bugs.
+ Price, like a maximum of two cartridges offline.
- A stupid label (but this old tradition is passed down by manufacturers from father to son.)
- Still, a sufficient number of left-handed games.
There will be no cats. He guarantees it.

P.S. A similar 400v1 cartridge is mentioned in the comments, I don’t recommend ordering it. There are much less annual games in it.