Sneakers warrior wb-1

I write a review based on the experience of a two-month activeuse by type: outdoor games + small walks. Accordingly, there will be no gloss of a new thing in the photographs, but the real state at the moment is captured.
So, the box. She pretty much suffered during delivery, so I can only interpret her size with an error of 10x11x30 cm.
The printing is not very high quality, but for a shoe box will do. And besides, all in Chinese.

All I could learn from this is date of manufacture and dimensional grid. By the way, it is worth paying attention to it, because on the seller’s page the sizes are indicated in the scale adopted in the North American states. But the seller in detail and with pleasure gives explanations about this and helps to decide.

The rest of the facets. Everything is in Chinese. You can not open0

If we are talking about the size, I’ll say right away that it is indicated on each sneaker and in two places: quite deep on the insole (approximately at the base of the tongue)

And on the lining on the inside between the lift of the foot and the heel.

Impressions are generally quite positive. It is worth noting that the zapatnik is reinforced with an insert, and the trailing edge has a pad with foam. Therefore, sneakers sit confidently and tightly on the foot, but they do not crush. The Warrior logo on the insole is also visible here; it is already worn down little by little, and it’s good - excess paint will not get dirty socks.

The insole is made of foam, notso soft to push with your fingers, but rather malleable under the weight of a person, thanks to which it takes the form of a foot. And besides, it has a thickening in the place of pickup, which is very comfortable. It is also worth noting that for two months of wearing and several washes in the automatic machine, the insole was not wiped or peeled off anywhere (there is not even a hint, so it’s not convenient to take pictures).
Although there is still a certain justifiable claim to it - at first it tinted socks, so it erased sneakers at 30 °, so as not to shed and become dirty pink.
not for the faint of heart

Since the material of the top and lining is sneakerreally cotton, they tolerate washing and drying quite painlessly. Yes, and they are washed quite well, and if they are not washed, no one has canceled the brush with a short pile)
Well, consider the external state.
For example, on the tongue there is an embroidery with a logo. It makes no sense from her - she does not add either speed or dexterity, but it’s still nice. Somehow, but still a company.

The skin insert of the young dermis (n) tina is present on both sides. None of the four have come off yet.

Also on the inside there is a pair of ventilation holes, the edge of which is reinforced with a metal rivet. So far, everything is in place. I hope this continues.

Since it is not always possibleuse a shoe spoon, then I just pull the zapatnik (and, moreover, with a fairly decent effort), so it’s nice to realize that it hasn’t worn out and the logo has been preserved on it.

Sneakers were delivered already laced inin principle, I’ve never even laced them up yet - there was no need. For washing and drying, just loosen the puff. The lacing itself is quite long, about 10 cm. And has 7 pairs of holes reinforced with metal rivets. It is also worth noting that the edges of the tongue and sides are braided. Everything is tight and tidy.

The sock is fully rubberized, which facilitates daily care and helps to “hold” the ball when playing soccer. In general, strokes are very confident and biting.

The sole has a flat profile and is made of rubber, it is quite stable.

The tread pattern is shallow, consists of several rings, and at the same time, due to the properties of the material, the sneakers are very tenacious and hold well.

Stitches. Everywhere it is stitched firmly, but in places it is not even. For me, it doesn’t matter, reliability is more important to me.
Smell. Fresh rubber, of course, smelled, but this smell weathered after the first half. In general, the smell of rubber is not the most unpleasant smell that football shoes can exude)
Bonus went spare sky blue laces. On them I measured the length - 120 cm. I didn’t lace up it - laziness. Well, another bag of silica gel was lying in a box.

Look like that's it. I say goodbye. Good to all!