Chinese deserts. Comparison with the original Clarks.

In this review, we look at leather Chinese deserts, and also compare them with the original Clarks.
These deserts are made in two color options:

The parcel was delivered by German post and the delivery time to Ukraine was 2 weeks.

Leather shoes with rubber-soled soles, but in reality it is moderately hard rubber.

It is stitched qualitatively, there are no threads sticking out, however, on the one hand there are small smudges of glue.

The sole goes too far beyond the edges at the junction (firmware) with the upper part. In the photographs of the lot, the sole does not look so long and looks more organically, or something.

The size was chosen 8.5 (26.5cm), the insole length is exactly the same.

A few words about the original Clarks.
Shoes were bought on Ebay in 2014 for $ 97. During this time, they practically did not wear out. Separately, it is worth noting the rubber sole - I have not yet met a more wear-resistant sole. For several years, the sole wore out quite a bit, although the shoes were worn quite often, in the warm season almost every day.
Photo after 3 years:

And finally, how deserts look on the leg:

Chinese deserts look more elegant, pretentious, like shoes. Original Clarks look more mundane.
+ shoes made of genuine leather;
+ relatively good quality;
+ proper fit to size;
- the sole protrudes very strongly (stronger than in the photo);
- rubber sole, not rubber.
I wish you all a good mood and only pleasant shopping!