Chinese kinect

Good day. Since the last purchase there was a decent discount. And finally, I decided to implement it. The seller’s choice is certainly not big, but I managed to find an interesting thing for myself, namely the Chinese zakos under the kinect prefix iMove 32 Bit. Who cares, please review.
So, what is the ordered toy:
• 32-bit video game console with a camera
• Body tracking sensor
• 23 games controlled by the body and a bunch of games for joysticks
• 2 joysticks with gyroscopes
You can find other characteristics on the websites of sellers of these devices.
The order was placed and, traditionally for thisseller, was delivered to Chita by some of its own, unknown to us, ways, respectively, without a track number. But the journey from Chita was more open for observation through the inside of the Russian number of the Russian Post. The whole trip from the heavenly place took a little less than a month.
Here's how it looked when it fell into my hands (there was still packing the mail, but I did not save it):

Inside, in a bubble beautiful glossy box:

After unpacking, this “Chinese Miracle” appeared in all its glory (it is of course still far from the American, but its pace of development is impressive)

The prefix itself is quite light, the forms really somewhat resemble their prototype. On the front side has a camera, a reset button and IR receivers remotes.
Front side

The reverse side also can not boast an abundance of connectors and switches. It has only a power slider, a power socket and an AV output.
back side

A slot with a memory card inserted was found on one side.
Memory card slot

The console has an angle adjustment relative to its base.
The kit also has 2 joysticks, equipped in addition to standard buttons with gyroscopes. Work from 3 "little" AAA batteries.

The prefix can also work from 4 "finger" (AA) batteries. I wonder why ???
Turning on. Unfortunately or fortunately, I do not have a TV, but there is a projector that performs part of its functions. And as you know, usually, the location of the projector is slightly different from the location of the TV, so I had to lengthen the standard meter wire of the audio-video signal. The set-top box should connect to the TV without problems, of course, if it has an AV input (tulips in the common people).
After applying power, we see on the screen a calibration silhouette of a man with two palms.

After simple, intuitive (for those whoout of tune with English) procedures, we get to the menu, where with gestures we select one of the games. Since there are two hands and both are involved in the management, I did not take a photo from the side.
As already noted 23 toys are controlledwith gestures, the rest (I won’t say the number, because I haven’t mastered the whole list, but according to approximate estimates of about 100 games) using gyroscopes. Many games have a two-player mode
Next, I offer a photo of some toys. Sorry for the quality, the combination of daylight and the projector makes itself felt.

What can I say summing up. The thing is worth the money paid. Yes, this is far from kinect, very very very far)). But, in good company, but for a good, fresh NON-ALCOHOLIC beer))) the console does not badly set the mood for the whole evening ... Children will certainly also be very interesting. Moreover, the concept of the console involves active movement, after 5 minutes of the game you are all in the soap. So I recommend to those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. This is the same fitness but in a gaming manner. Time flies unnoticed with calories burned. Thanks for attention!
P.S. It turns out that youtube has several video games on this console, so you can visually assess how much it suits you
P.S. 2 The image of a flash drive with games: