Classic and decent tea Shu Puer 7572 from the famous Menhai factory!

Today we have a classic teaShu Puer art 7572. I received this beautiful tea at the beginning of the week, and only a few days passed, and the tea was almost over, everyone surprisingly drank it, even those who do not like puer, but, surprisingly, all his requests brew. Well, the result speaks for itself and experts will agree with me, excellent tea, you need to take it.
A little retreat.
Before us is a classic puer from the famous factoryMenhai, which has been delighting tea gourmets since 1940. Tea meets all modern standards and has several degrees of protection against fakes. I am sure that those who visit offline tea shops have met him more than once, and rightly so, Shu Puer Manhai 7572 is already a standard of taste and has a lot of admirers among tea gourmets. For the manufacture of Shu Puer tea 7572, the classic recipe for 75 years is used, raw materials with a rating of 7 points are used, and the last number 2 indicates the factory - Menghai.
About the order.

Date of manufacture - 2010 Weight 357 grams. The picture is bright, everything is beautifully and evenly packed.

We open.

Shu Puerh Menhai 7572 has two degrees of protection. The first is a special sticker, upon breaking which a thin holographic strip is released, which after opening you will never insert it back (see photo). The second is a specialized liner pressed into a pancake.

All signs of protection were present, which was very pleased.
7572 is a two-layer puerh, the top layer of which consists of the kidneys, and the turnover of a large sheet. It breaks easily, which is a good sign for puer.

Moderately fermented, gives a rich taste, reddish-brown tincture and seasoned aroma.

The taste is pleasant and there is no bitterness even with "strong brewing", which is also an indicator of high quality puer.
For lovers of tea conditions, lunga meditative mood and those who want to relax this tea is highly recommended. You also won’t be able to fall asleep under it, so for conversations in the kitchen or around a fire, as well as for those who need to work hard, this is just a find.
Superb tea of ​​the highest quality withexcellent taste, which was appreciated by all my friends and acquaintances, even those from whom I did not really expect it, it’s nice to say that I hear requests “to make more tea.” For its 12 dollars it pays off by 200%, prices in online stores of the city are usually 2-3 times more expensive, and offline it is from 4 to 6 times, so please love.

Kitty Puer approves.