A classic women's wallet that has a clutch

Hello! On the agenda is a small review about the women's wallet clutch. My sister asked me to order a wallet on the eve of the next sale on aliexpress. I chose the seller herself, the color of the style and size. Says - I want! Well, if I want, let it be so. This is what happens when the choice is spontaneous.
At the time of purchase, coupons from the sale of 11.11 were valid, so I managed to save a little.
Delivery and packaging:

The color is red, very saturated. By the way, other colors are also available on the seller’s page.
On the one hand there is a wallet, on the other hand a clutch. An interesting solution, perhaps it has been applied for a very long time, but personally, I came across just now. Therefore, we consider separately.
Dimensions: 19.5x10x102.5cm. The material is polyurethane, which implies a short service life. And since there is a need to sometimes put it on display, then with small signs of wear, I think the wallet, which will be replaced with a clutch, will change. Indeed, often a thing in the hands is part of the outfit and should not fall out of the clip with its shabby appearance.

Back side:

Decorative metal element

In addition to scenery, it does not carry a meaning. The only analogy I managed to find is a company that produces cranberries and has nothing to do with wallets.
On the seller’s page, the decorative elements are completely different.
The clasp of the wallet is metal and quite tight. Made of chrome plated metal. The quality of the coating is 4.

The design is classic, with the use of metal hinges.
The lever system and sufficient strength of the metal allows you to open the wallet, even on one side.

Let's look inside the wallet

On the frame there are traces of glue, there are somethread. Polyester lining. The partition is fixed only on the sides, so the little thing can move to another compartment, regardless of your desire.

The seams are smooth, stitched at the corners without defects. And again traces of glue. Although initially I perceived as flare.

Traces of glue on chrome elements. By the way, the glue is rubbed with alcohol, but alcohol is a pity, and the solvent spoils the material.

Clutch bag:

In my opinion it would be better if the magnetic one were more reliable.
Let's open the clutch. There is a place for a mobile phone. The manufacturer put transport foam in the phone compartment so that the shape would not be lost.

Capacity: Easy to fit a couple of iPhones 5

Inside there is a department for small things not very big, with a zipper. The lightning itself is plastic, the dog is metal. Traces of glue are visible in the center of the photo.

The other side is glue again.

In the upper part of the card compartment, on the left, as a rule, photos of close relatives are placed.

In this photo, there are card sections on the right, but you get embarrassed. Cards do not fit corny.
Cards in the reclining compartment fall deep, difficult to get.

A few more seams. No complaints.

The final photo, the appearance is quite nice:

Instead of photos of relatives, the place was taken by American grandfather George Washington, as it were, as the first investment.

The cat pretended to be a New Year's gift after having previously drunk something from the Christmas tree:

Since the wallet was not bought for myself, I did not conduct full-fledged testing with money and cards.
Review statistics show thatbuyers encounter problems, moreover, of a floating nature. Namely traces of glue. The wallet frame is poorly glued. The zipper and fastener breaks. However, the percentage of dissatisfied is small.
Traces of glue can be wiped off with alcohol.
The smell of glue stood for 2 days until it weathered.
The glue resembles the Moment glue, but polymerizes several times longer.
Transport packaging is good.
The quality of the seams is acceptable.
Well, the conclusion is quite affordable price.
Sister uses while there were no negative statements.
A small addition: